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i’m posting for

the challenge is to find something on pinterest then to make it and post about it. granted, we do that a lot. we find a lot of new recipes on pinterest and i’m always pinning craft ideas and i do actually make a lot of them… but i think this is more of a challenge to get me off my butt from just pinning things and to actually doing the things i pinned.

ok. so i’m all for that!

i decided to make something that i may have pinned more than once.

on accident! i promise! i hate it when people go pin crazy and forget they already pinned something and pin all over the place… but this time it was me. {shame face} i actually pinned this pin more than once:

Old popcorn containers spray painted for pet food storage. So cute!

why? because i’ve been wanting one of these: {dear ballard designs, why are these so freaking expensive?!} i’ve been drooling over these for over a year.


i wanted one of these because they are pretty. at least prettier than what i have. see, this is the current pet food container situation:

current dogfdhonest truth there, folks. we’ve taped together the falling-apart-lid. it’s kinda  totally pathetic.

even puppycakes thinks so.


the lady that i pinned the original pin from used a popcorn tin.  i didn’t have one of those and for the life of me i couldn’t find one. and since i pinned this from over a year ago, i have patiently been waiting to find a popcorn tin. no such luck. not even at christmas. i must be blind- i know. but i didn’t find one.

then last week, i  went to the container store and asked if they had any canister similar to the ballard designs one. they were kind of smug in the way they said nope, their dog food container was better:


dear container store, this was NOT what i was looking for. i do NOT need another ugly trash-can looking thing in my house. and WHY do you need a foot-step-opener for dog food? i mean seriously.

no, i wanted something  kind of pretty, more like a rustic metal bucket looking thing…with a lid. that’s all i am asking for!! how hard can it be? 

so on the way home, husbuddy was sweet enough to suggest stopping at home-depot to see if they had a metal trash can thing. i thought we’d looked before but i decided to give it another chance. and what do you know? they had one! {sim here} woot woot! exactly what i wanted! 


it took some scrubbing to get the stickers off… but that’s ok. it’s just a dog food tin after all… {no matter how big of a deal i’m making it!}

so then i got out my paint and got to work:

1. tape stencils onto tin {note: i need to get new stencils! i know! but i was too lazy to buy another set for this little project!}

2. mix black paint with varnish. i did this in hopes that the varnish which has “excellent adhesion qualities” would help the paint stick to the metal.

3. stencil!

4. add cute little details like paw prints to lid.

painting dog food

see, puppycakes has one paw with only 3 toes because of a surgery he had when he was a puppy. so i made sure one of the prints had only 3 toes!

bucket finished2easy peasy. then i sprayed with a sealer to help the paint to stay

puppycakes thought it was a huge improvement for his special food.

IMG_1144he’s got a special tummy just like his daddy. see: “grain free” just like his gluten free daddy! hee hee

IMG_1143puppycakes approves.

and i like it because it’s pretty, it was CHEAP and utilitarian.

bucket lidthank you Young House Love for inspiring me to actually get this project done! and thank you pinterest for showing me that i could make a 15$ version instead of buying the 50$ version. yay!

love can be found in a metal trashcan/dog food container. i kid you not.

bucket finished


thanks for enduring my silliness, friends.




ok, i have to start this with a little history.

as a girl i LOVED gumball machines. i don’t know what it was about them. they held gumballs-which i was hardly ever allowed to have? they were colorful? they look quaint and old fashioned?  i even remember i had a gumball machine birthday cake once. it cracks me up to think of my obsession.

and then one time i saw someone made a lamp out of one. it was so cute! and they were selling it for like 80$ or something. i loved it but they put fake apples inside. {tragedy!you gotta put gumballs inside!} but i knew right then and there that i wanted one. goofy, i know.

fast forward to last year:: my sweet friends from Princeton and I were garage sale-ing. i saw one for sale. for 5$. i wanted it! but then some old lady stepped in front of my a grabbed it practically out of my hand. sad day. anyway…  my friend Sharon found one for sale last Christmas and gave it to me as a gift because she knew my plan. sweetest thing ever, right? :) i thought so.  i had the machine. now i just had to make it.

then i got cold feet and was afraid i would fail. i put it off all year because i was afraid i would break it, or ruin it or something. that and Husbuddy was afraid it would look tacky.

yesterday i conquered my fears and just did it. ha! ok. maybe it does look a little tacky… but i still love it. :) and wouldn’t it look so cute in a little kiddos’ room someday? {waaaay  in the future, mind you}

ok this is what you need:

my supplies:

  • the gumball machine
  • a lamp kit
  • thread pipe(to screw the light kit into)
  • washers/nuts- to hold the thread pipe in place
  • sharpie
  • light bulb
  • lamp shade
  • and a curious puppy who watched me every second of the whole process (totally optional)

first i figured out the path that the wire would have to go. the wire can’t go all the way through to the bottom because i wanted the gumball machine part to still work. i marked where we needed to drill the holes.

for some reason Husbuddy doesn’t let me use the drill. {i have no idea why!} so i watched him masterfully work… that and get metal shavings all over his wallet. whew, good thing he did that and not me ;)

then i screwed in the thread pipe. you can see it’s a little wonky because i couldn’t put it directly in the center. that’s the hole that you need to screw on the lid to the glass. so, to make it straight i fashioned a couple of pieces of thick leather to hold it straight up and down. {sorry, forgot to take a pic of this.}

then i had to wire it.

to do this i had to take apart the top lamp-kit piece so i could feed the wires through all the holes and up through the threaded pipe. then i used my mad electrician skills {no, not really, it’s super easy} to wire it back together. and look! it works! {and still looks crooked because i hadn’t screwed on the top piece yet}

then when i was trying to pour the gumballs in i found i’d made a mistake putting together the machine… i put in that little rubber piece that holds the bottom of the glass- UPSIDE DOWN! doh.

fail. i would have had to take everything apart and start over. so instead, lazy lil’me,  i improvised and cut it. it’s not perfect, but it works. it still holds the glass correctly, there’s just a little slit in it. i know that i could order a replacement for like 2$ if this ever fails, so i’ll just go with it for now ;)

after i finally got that figured out… i poured in the gumballs and attached the lampshade!

woot woot! i love it! Husbuddy admits that it’s not as tacky as he thought it would be.

what do you think? love it or too tacky?

xo-kimberly renee.

hey friends!

just wanted to share with you that i have a new button…

over there on the left of this page…

it is pretty self explanatory…

i know i’ve said before, but  i’ve been working on lots of ideas for tutorials and i’d like to share them with you as i come up with them…and if you’ve ever missed any, you can always click on that button and it will take you to my new tutorials page!

i hope you click on it & check it out! :)

{and hopefully one day it will be prettier! i’ll work on that, mm-k?!}

xo-kimberly renee

there have been a million varieties of today’s tutorial, but i’ll show you my version anyway. :) i love Ashley Ann’s version with wire. or if you’d like you can find other versions here and here. or you can even get a make-your-own kit from etsy! but i wanted to keep it simple. i didn’t want to overcrowd the frame because i love the beauty of the frame itself. and i wanted the ability to change things around if i got bored with it in the future.

i started out with a frame that was destined for the trash. i found it at a garage sale, paid 5$ for it with an ugly painting inside, promptly took it home, threw away the painting and spray painted the frame. i then hung it up over some pretty paper and thought about how much i need to do this project.

but that’s how it sat for months.

i loved the texture of the frame and how my spray paint job wasn’t perfect.  i loved how big it was.

it’s practically falling apart though. and the hangers on the back of the frame aren’t level so i have to put the nails in the wall at an angle… a little quirky. but that’s ok. :)

it has been hanging here, in the kitchen in a funky little corner since we moved. it’s the perfect spot to display things.

so, i decided it was time to do this.

you need::

  • an awesome frame (spray painted)
  • some string
  • a couple of nails and little eye hooks(unless you’re lazy like me and just use what you have)
  • some paint
  • clothespins
  • paintings or pictures to hang.

as you can see, i didn’t go for perfect. and i didn’t go for multiple strings like some of the other tutorials i linked to. they look awesome, but i just wanted the simplicity of one. and then i used my awesome-imperfectly-painted clothespins to hang a couple of my favorite pictures, an old key and a new painting! {more on that tomorrow!} obviously, i’m sure you can get a lot more creative. i’ve seen some beautiful washi-tape or paper covered clothes pins or even way better painted ones… which maybe i’ll work on sometime when i’m bored with these ;)

i love it. it brings new life to a funky old frame and it’s just a unique way to display photographs and art.

do you have any old frames that you’re going to clothesline? ;)

xo-kimberly renee.

it’s been a couple of weeks since i started this post…(you can see we’re still unpacking in this picture!)

and i have yet to completely finish this project… but i still wanted to share it. because we have 14 windows in our new apartment, it is a beautiful light-filled space.

we LOVE it.

the only time we don’t love the light filled space is at 5:30 in the morning. it makes us grumpy.

to remedy the situation i bought fabric and prepared to make some drapes for our little bedroom.

i used this tutorial by Miss Mustard Seed. she explains everything way better than i could. i just thought i’d show you some of the photos from along the way. 

the tricky thing with our bedroom windows is that #1-they’re HUGE. #2-there’s the radiator underneath them so the drapes can’t go all the way to floor. boo. i hate it when drapes don’t go all the way to the floor. but it is what it is.

i ordered my fabric from Joann’s. because we live out in the boonies, the closest Joann’s was at least a 45 min drive and  i just wasn’t in the mood and online is just so easy ;) but, they were having an awesome sale on Waverly Sun and Shade fabrics… oh look! they still are! i really like this sort of old fashioned looking Chippendale Fretwork design. i also bought the cheapest lining material i could find {what can i say? i didn’t have a job yet!}. as you can see from the picture below… it doesn’t do much…how see-thru can ya get?! but at least it will add an extra layer.

first i measured and cut the fabric and lining. i learned this trick from YHL -to use your area carpets to cut a straight line. genius!!

then puppycakes did his part of the project by chewing on the enormously large cardboard tube that the fabric came on. he sure is helpful.

then Husbuddy brought  home a donut. i don’t eat donuts. it’s a rule. they’re just sugar anyway- who needs that?

…unless the donut is pink frosting with sprinkles. i don’t know why. something inside my can’t resist the food coloring and sprinkles… i’m completely pathetic in my ability to resist the pink. and if it’s rainbow sprinkles it’s even worse.

after i ate it i promptly told Husbuddy he wasn’t allowed to buy me any more donuts.

then i got to sewing. i just followed the tutorial by Miss Mustard seed. the only difference was that i had to use the whole width of the fabric to make the panels wide enough. so i sewed right up to the edge of the pattern.

then i got out our ridiculously small ironing board and crouched on the floor for an hour while i ironed all the seams.

can you tell i don’t get out the iron that often?

then i sewed the slot for the curtain rod. the tutorial said to give it an inch or two… i could have given myself a little extra room but i liked the way it was tight and the way it ruffled.

ta da.

now all i have to do is hem it! {the reason it’s taken me so long to post about this…i really thought i’d get it done first… but i’ve given up waiting!} actually… my goal is to find lace to put on the bottom and to use as the tie. right now i’m just using an old ribbon… but i have greater plans that involve lace.

if i ever get around to it.

for now the light is a little better.   it still comes through because i picked such a cheap lining…note to self… there IS  a reason that lining was so cheap! anyway, even so, it helps a lot. it also makes it feel like we have more privacy. and it adds a little bit of cuteness to the room.

today i’m going to share with you something that has been on my mind for a really long time. well, two things.

  1. i want to do more tutorial around here.
  2. i’ve been meaning to make these tags for flour jars forever

so, that brings us to today. to cute tag day.

you see, since Husbuddy found out that he was gluten, yeast, dairy (and a couple of other random things) intolerant we’ve been having to make any baked goods we want around the house at home. apparently, when you cook gluten free you have to use more than one kind of non-gluten-flour in some sort of mix to make it taste just about right. we’ve been learning a lot of our gluten free knowledge from the good people over at  “no gluten no problem”   and their cookbook. they have the best flour mix we’ve tried yet! so we like to keep that on hand. but…this has led to an accumulation of a about 1,000 types of flours laying around the house.  

so in my determination to have a little bit of organization i’ve decided to find 1,000 jars to hold them all. so far i’ve found 9. although i haven’t had to buy any! 

first what you need is:

  • the tag template -which can be found at the end of this post for free download! all you have to do is download the pdf and print it off on card stock! there are even 3 colors to choose from. :) just because i love you.
  • the jars (or whatever you’re going to put a tag on)
  • stamps
  • ink
  • scrap paper (to wipe of the stamp after you use it)
  • twine
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • list of what you want to stamp
(see, i find it helpful to write out exactly what i’m going to stamp… i don’t have the perfect track record for spelling around here.)
first cut out each tag. you can use either design or both. i had fun mixing it up by using both.

then stamp the name of the flour (or whatever you want to stamp). stamping doesn’t have to be perfect, just have fun with it!

super easy, right?!

maybe even a little boring…

for some people.

but i had a lot of fun and now i have an pretty and organized collection for the flours. i don’t know about you, but i’m more likely to keep something organized if it’s pretty!

there ya go, now it’s your turn. go forth and tag everything you can think of!

free download:

to download the tags below: click on the link, then save the file and print!

blue tag template

yellow tag template

purple tag template

have fun! and let me know what you decide to tag!

xo-kimberly renee

once upon a time, a clutz was born.


this clutz buys pretty shirts and then…without a doubt… spills, splatters, or drops something on the pretty shirt and stains it. this particular story includes a shirt that somehow got bleach splatters on it.

how you ask?

the clutz pleads the fifth and refrains from commenting.

see that stain on there?

original shirt

the lighting is bad in this photo.

i mean right there:

original shirt-edited

and a couple other places that we don’t need to point out..


so needless to say, this shirt hasn’t been worn since the clutz saw that spot because it’s points out what a clutz she really is.


so anyway, one day this clutz had an idea:


cover up  that spot… and others… with a little ruffled lace! all she had to do was cute a little lacy fabric in a straight(ish) line, ruffle the edges and sew it on! easy peasy.

it was an experiment, and I’m not at all sure I love it… but here’s the final result:

finished shirt

and yes. apparently when trying to take her own picture, this clutz likes to throw her hip out awkwardly to one side. but other than that, this shirt is kind of fun! and now it can be worn again.  it may have been a better idea to do a couple smaller ruffles instead of one fat one… but oh well. this shirt will at least be worn now!


as you give yourself grace in this 31 days of letting go, I wanted to share a tutorial with you.

How to make a “Red Letters” canvas:


don’t worry, it’s super simple and so fun.


  • canvas
  • modge podge
  • old bible pages (I know, I know, I’m a seminary student’s wife and I’m tearing up old bibles… but come’on, we all have old bibles that we don’t use. There are a lot of good ways to share them with others, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to use them in art!)
  • stencils
  • red paint.
  • sand paper
  • antiquing stamps
  • dry cloth
How to make it:
  1. cover the canvas with pages. modge podge under and on top of the pages.
  2. let dry
  3. tape your stencil letters onto the canvas.
  4. paint the letters
  5. remove stencils before the letters dry. (very important!) clean up any smudges.
  6. let dry
  7. sand the whole thing. don’t worry about the pages pulling up.
  8. rub with antiquing stamps. rub with cloth to get off excess.
  9. paint over entire canvas with varnish.
  10. let dry
  11. done!
see? easy peesy. :)
but if it’s still too difficult, you could always buy mine: at my shop I have GRACE and LOVE.
Do you have another word to use? Let me know! I can make customized Red Letter Paintings too!

have you always saved all your wine corks but never known what to do with them? Well have I got a project for you!

my corkboard made of wine corks

All you need is:

a pretty cool frame ( or a normal one- I went with a pretty cool one though)

As many of your wine corks as you can find

an exacto knife

a hot glue gun and/or  tacky glue

a dark piece of paper

and a helper :) or not

yea he’s my little helper! don’t mind the trash bag in the background. gross! i realize i was cleaning up at the same time and since it was my birthday when i made this i had a lot of wrapping paper to clean up… hence the trash bag. no usually i don’t leave trash bags lying around. oops. :-p

Step 1: attach the pretty piece of dark paper to the backing of the frame.

This is so that when we finish our cork board… if it isn’t perfect and we have holes the dark paper hides the holes better than  a light background like some of the picture frame backgrounds. You can see the holes in mine at the end and because of the dark paper it gives it a shadow & kind of disappears.

Step 2: Make a border around the edge of the frame with the corks,

play around with which ones fit so you can completely cover the border. Use the hotglue gun to get all the corks secure to the paper and the frame. If you want to ever use this frame again for something else don’t glue to the frame.  But I did for stability.

notice how all my corks aren’t perfect. some are bigger than others. The left side doesn’t match the right. IT’S OK! It doesn’t have to be perfect people. That’s what gives it charm! :-p

Step 3: Start filling in the middle.

Start on one side and make your way across. I liked the look of mixing up which ones were facing up and down vs. side to side. That way I could do sets of two up and down and then match it with sets of two (or three if that’s what fit) side to side. It gives it a checkerboard look.Sometimes you have to cut a cork to get it fit into a space. That is ok! Just be careful when cutting it. Don’t hurt yourself and sue me or something.

Step 4: and now just fill in the rest of the frame!

Can you tell which ones were cut in half from the picture?! nope. not really. if you look closely you can. but it still is cork and it works  for me :)

now you just have to find the perfect place to hang it! :)

like right there, above my sewing machine and my art supplies next to the window :)  again, please don’t mind the mess :-p it’s a work in progress. not a mess.

let me know if you make one! I’d love to see yours! :) Have fun with this Saturday project!


i love interesting boxes. i especially love it when gifts are wrapped interestingly or in an beautifully shaped box. i know what matters is what’s on the inside, but if the outside is pretty, it makes the inside all that much better!
  my friend and i were suppossed to make some boxes from a paper source template this weekend, but she got sick, so i decided to make a tutorial for one of my favorite things to make! little gift boxes :)  As some of you know (you graduates out there you) i love to send little trinkets in these. also! one of my favorite gifts to give is a little box like this, and then putting together bible verses inside and calling it a verse box! whenever you find a good verse, just write a little note, stick it in the box, and then on a rainy day you’ll have all sorts of encouraging verses for you already set aside for you! and a pretty box to open… :)
enjoy this little tutorial!
back of box

back of box - notice all the butterflies!

here is the example that i’m going to work through with you. i don’t know about you, but i’d LOVE to get a gift that was placed in such a thoughtful wrapping! :)
to get started get together this little list…
a little “box” (here i use an old chai tea tin) , pretty paper, modge podge, paint, fabric, little pretty things… you’ll see :) anything that you think you can glue on!
an assortment of boxes

an assortment of boxes

an example of some “boxes” you can use to start with. Anything will work! I got that star box from Micheals, but my favorite is to use old tins of boxes of stuff I use. It’s recycling at its finest! :)
modge podge

modge podge - one of my favorite things!

 and of course you’re going to need a good amount of this! one time for an art class in college i used this to cover a whole table with magazine images. how fun is that?

all the pretty things that is going to go on/in the box

all the pretty things that is going to go on/in the box

 then here is the collection of paper, pictures, magazine images, old glass tiles, stickers, flowers and tags that i’m going to use to decorate the box. you can start to see the theme already. start using that modge podge!

start using that modge podge!

start using that modge podge!

 now, begin to use the modge podge. it’s just like glue, but it works best if you put a layer of modge podge on the tin, and then put the paper on, and then put a layer of podge modge over the paper.  to make life easier, use more bits of smaller paper rather than large pieces of paper. the larger the paper the harder it is to get it to lay like you want it to! especially on a box like this that has curves…

more modge podge

more modge podge start attaching the pretty little things

 now you can see that i’ve started to add the decorations. i’ve even done the bottom of the box! it’s ok to totally wrap the entire thing. sometimes i just let this dry because i think the collage can be very pretty. so if you like it the way it is, you don’t need to paint it. it’s totally up to you.

start to paint!

start to paint!

 so, if you’ve decided to keep going. get out that paint brush, and sponge. your sponge is your best friend for making interesting textures and layers over the pretty paper…   paint the lid tooand don’t forget about the lid! i don’t mind that some of the original red is showing through, and i’ve even added some buttons and stickers.

don't forget the inside!

don't forget the inside!

 now this part might be a little tricky.  i’ve used a hot glue gun  as well as more modge podge to put a fabric liner on the inside. won’t that be pretty?

add pretty things to hide mistakes

add pretty things to hide the mistakes

 mistakesit was a little harder than i thought. :) most of the time i just leave the pretty tin because i think that’s interesting too. so whatever you fancy. if you make mistakes, don’t worry, you can always use your pretty little things to cover it up. sometimes the inside needs a lot of hiding!

sometimes the inside needs a lot of hiding!

sometimes the inside needs a lot of hiding!

 as you can see, i added a couple things on the inside… 

side of the box

side of the box

 now you can see my finished project. i got a little crazy with the butterfly theme… but it’s still pretty and it sure was fun!  lid- buttons and stamps

front of box
front of box- all about butterflies!

you can see the little glass tiles stick out quite a ways, they’re a fun addition, but kind of challenging to get to stay attached. :) i hope you now can feel confident to make your own box for that special gift for that special someone… :) enjoy! if you’d like to see more of my boxes, i’m hoping to have some more pictures up in a couple of days and maybe sell some on etsy! i’ll keep ya posted!  let me know how it goes if you do make one!