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lately i’ve been a little sad. i don’t know why really, except that the stress level at our house as been through the roof for so many reasons… so it’s also been just a little depressing at home. today, in order to jolt myself out of the sadness, i made myself some instant happiness.

ha. ok, maybe it doesn’t really work that way… but instead of going out for some retail therapy {or lets be honest…eating another muffin…}, i got crafty.

IMG_2300_puppycakes grumpy about pillows

and getting crafty always brightens the mood, dontcha think?

for my craftiness, i made new pillow covers {which i’ve had on my list to do for years…} i kept it simple, if i had more energy i would have wanted to add ruffles…everything is happy with ruffles… ha, maybe next time.


but really, what’s not happy about them?

vintage sheets were used. fabric i’ve had stored because i just loved it was used. they don’t match, but who cares?  gone were the neutral and boring…in with the bright colors! yellow flowers and bright poppies are making life happy around here!

IMG_2301_puppycakes and pillows

can’t you tell how happy the pillows are making Puppycakes? ha. every time he tries to make himself comfy on the couch, he usually fluffs the pillows and sits right on top of them…i think he doesn’t quite know if he’s allowed to do that with the new bright colors.

note to self: don’t put off your happy projects for so long! 



just to show that it took about a million photos to get the cute one for this post:

imagine Puppycakes thinking, “what the heck are they making me wear?” or “look, there’s a bunny over there” or “this thing around my neck is too big” or “this is SOooooo boring” or “please, daddy, are we done yet?”outtakes_edited-1yup. we’re dog torturers over here. if you have any doubts, check out what we did to him that one christmas

he’s got to be so relieved that there will be another little thing around here to torture with photographs in the future! hee hee.



big brother

puppycakes is just too cute all the time. he doesn’t really know what the sign says. haha. little does he know that he isn’t going to be a spoiled only child for too much longer! 15 weeks boy


so for those of you who have been wondering why it’s been extra quiet around this blog lately…

well… let’s just say the first trimester wore me out! i didn’t really have energy for much at all. Husbuddy was the sweetest to put up with me-especially during the move to Lancaster!  {i’m hoping that as the second trimester gets into full swing i will have more energy because i have big plans and a few big changes coming to this place!}

SO, we have our little Sweet Pea coming in December!

we are very excited to share the news with you today, but i think our mom’s are more excited than we are to spread the news. we told them they had to wait to announce on facebook until we did…hee hee. we’re big ol’ bullies, i know. so yay! now they can brag about being grandmas to their hearts content. :)

we have had an ultrasound and it was so amazing to see Sweet Pea dancing away. it didn’t really seem REAL until that moment. it was crazy!

we feel incredibly blessed and excited. life is a beautiful thing!! 12,14,15

hiking is so encouraging for the soul. there’s something about being some place remote(at least semi) and seeing nature and being reminded of the beauty of the world around our busy little lives.

there were birds chirping and creeks bubbling and the river roaring. it was a lovely morning.

puppycakes LOVES hiking {remember him hiking up this mountain in NH?} so he was sooooo happy the entire time. at the end, the only way we could tell he was pooped was because he laid down in the mud next to the creek with a big ol’ grin on his face.

this is the Susquehanna River:




it was just a gorgeous hike!

and the morning was complete with Husbuddy sticking his feet in the creek. what can i say, i’m a chicken when it comes to cold water, so i just watched from side.
2013-06-15 11.46.27-2

we are so excited to find more places to hike around here! :)

ok, so during the CRAZY of getting unpacked, settled, finding the grocery store, husbuddy starting a new job, i’ve neglected the blog. excuses excuses. i know! i’ll try to get better :)

so, last week we moved from Gloucester MA to our new home; Lancaster, PA. ah! crazy! this is our new home!

on the drive down we stopped to visit our dear friends in Princeton. they now only live 2 hours away, so we are super excited! one morning during our visit we went to Hopewell. there is a new market there that has delicious pasteries and meats and cheeses. it  was so refreshing to catch up with the Estes. {for those of you who have been following Owen’s progress, he is doing really well! he was super happy and smily the whole time we were there. he is such a sweet two year old! go check out his blog for more!}


after our little treat we took Owen to a nearby park. Owen now enjoys being pushed in the swing and going for buddy rides down the slide. Husbuddy LOVED taking him down the slide. giggles abounded. :) i’m not sure who had more fun. owen on slide_small

after our quick visit we continued on our way.

we are now residents of Pennsylvania:
JT at PA sign

{ps, in the photo above Husbuddy is pointing to the sign…not doing anything inappropriate like some people might think! lol}

now we’ve traded the ocean for farmland. this is the view as we pull out of the parking lot. crazy! these days, passing horse and buggies and stopping at road side farm stands for amish-grown strawberries are daily occurrences.

farm view


there have been a lot of walks. it feels like summer and we are so excited to be here.

and for those of you who have worried about how puppycakes is doing:

puppycakes lifehe loves all the new walks and laying in the shade. he is still a little anxious as we continue to unpack boxes, but he is super cuddly with his new squeaky toy. i think it’s his way of coping with all the changes. :)

now at our house, when he isn’t snuggling with it, you can go crazy from all the squeak, squeak, squeaking…



still feeling jet-lagged…

a puppy yawn

so i just wanted to share this sweet yawn with you.

even though the depth of field is so narrow, i love these photos of sweet puppycakes!

a puppy yawn 2

do they make you yawn and want to crawl into bed for a nap too? lol. oh, puppycakes, you make me smile.

one of my new favorite pictures of Husbuddy and Puppycakes. it was taken during the last big snow storm and i finally got around to uploading those pics.
JT and Sami don’t know why i love it so much. the lighting maybe. or puppycakes snow covered face from his digging. or the fact that husbuddy had to carry him because he was so cold.  or maybe it’s because this is what Husbuddy looks like these days… lots of layers and a little stubble/beard. he thinks he looks tough. ;) hee hee. i’m in love.

sunshine  streaming in my window is one of the most glorious things.

it makes me smile! especially when it’s SO cold outside.  i just want to slow down and soak it in. everything is looks so good when the sunshine is streaming in.


i think it makes puppycakes happy too.  if he’s not propped up on a pillow like a king somewhere he’s definitely sprawled in the sunshine. soaking it in.sitting in sunshineafter a long week, taking a few moments to soak up sunshine is so important.

it reminds me of the many blessings in my life. little blessings and big blessings. i start to list them in my mind.

it reminds me of how good life is! i start thinking of all the things that are good. i can’t even count them all, there are so many good things.

it reminds me that the sun still shines even when it’s cold. even when life is hard, there are still little ways that God says He loves me. i try to notice the little ways. i try to open my eyes to the little gifts sun rays.

sitting in the sunshine reminds me to praise God for every little gift!

especially sunshine. :)

xo-kimberly renee

10 little thoughts about the past couple of days::

  1. my first test is done! it was a little  ok a lot scary. mostly just the first 15 minutes… when i arrived at the testing site i had to put my stuff in a locker. i asked if i could bring in water. the guy looked  at me like i was crazy! nope. can’t bring anything in with you to take the test. well, apparently i’m a dumbo because i had chapstick and two kleenex in my pocket. when it was my turn to sign in, the lady made me turn out my pockets. oh boy, did i get a look…”mam, you’re not allowed to take ANYTHING in with you.” not even chapstick? i lick my lips when i’m nervous! ha. nope. i’m the dummy. so then she had to wait for me to go back to my locker to put the chapstick away. haha, as if i wasn’t nervous already. then… guess what she did. patted me down and scanned me with a metal detector. seriously?! i mean, seriously? am i going through TSA security to be able to take this test? then the test part happened. i’d rather not talk about that part.
  2. well… i guess i kinda do want to talk about it… i mean, just to complain a little. but i’d say that i’ve got a 59.99998% chance of passing. not because i didn’t study. nope, i’ll tell you, i stuuuuu-died. nope, just because the writers of the silly little architectural test decided that it was more important to test my skills at knowing random little facts that weren’t even in the study guide. anywhere. {i checked} so… be warned. apparently if you’re going to become an architect… you have to know everything
  3. to be an architect :: just know everything in the world.  how hard can that be?
  4. in other news, we took Puppycakes to the beach this past week. he LOVED it. he thought he was in heaven! his only complaint was that we didn’t trust him off the leash yet.
  5. we figured out why there are no dog parks on the whole of Cape Ann:: as of Sept.15 dogs are allowed on the beach. we came to the beach in the afternoon because we were so excited to let Puppycakes run around, but it turns out, so did the rest of Gloucester! beach=dog park in the winter. 
  6. daddy dearest, you would be proud, we’re making tamales. from scratch! i’ll let you know how it turns out… so far i’ve started cooking the pork and i’ve soaked the corn husks that we ordered on Amazon from Mexico… apparently people in this lovely city don’t make their own tamales because dried corn husks were no where to be found at the grocery. Husbuddy actually got laughed at last weekend at Market Basket for asking for dried corn husks… laughed at. how rude can people be? seriously? haven’t you ever heard of making something from scratch? the guy at M.B. suggested we buy some corn on the cob and dry it ourselves… then walked away laughing to himself. well, at least he found it hilarious. we did not. and since Husbuddy’s allergies include eating too much corn, we decided to go home and just buy it online. like any civilized person in this generation would do. yup. we’re the reason small businesses are loosing business because we’re buying stuff online. but seriously, just have some dried corn husks in your aisle and you wouldn’t be loosing our business.  {to be fair, market basket is a rather big establishment so i’m not worried about them}
  7. apple-pear pie was made this afternoon. i guess that means it’s fall. oh summer, i miss you already! i made pie to try to get in the mood for fall. and to use the apples. {and because Husbuddy has been begging for weeks… he’s been in the fall mood since August.} i’m trying to make myself be happy about the cooler weather…
  8. in even other news:: we have an attack squirrel. i’m so not even joking. Husbuddy is still shaken up about it. he literally jumped over to Puppycakes this afternoon and tried to attack him. Husbuddy picked up Puppycakes and ran back our doorway to tell me about it. while i was looking at him like he was a little crazy… the squirrel bounded over and tried to go at Puppycakes again! Husbuddy screamed and i opened the door quickly to let them in. Then… the squirrel started scratching at our door! trying to get in! eek. now it’s sitting outside on guard… just waiting for us to come out. is it insane that visions of giant-squirrel-like-monsters are in my head?! well i’m pretty sure that’s what this little thing is going to become the minute we step outside.
  9. dear world, i won’t be exiting out that door any time soon. maybe we’ll have to have more food delivered to us. 
  10. i can’t believe i have 6 more tests to take. {back to the books!}

last week Husbuddy was gone home visiting with family. he left me alone to do some exploring around town by myself.

 here are some images of the adventures puppycakes and i had by ourselves::

first there was the docks that are down at the bottom of our street. we walked there a couple times a day.


puppycakes didn’t notice that the seagulls were watching him so intently… they were on every single pier just watching him. it was hilarious.

i don’t know why it’s so memorizing to see the water and the boats.

we also found a new “park” that had a path to these cliffs. definitely have to come back here with Husbuddy!


i’m sure puppycakes won’t mind getting to come back. :)

he was just so happy to be on a “hike”

my attempt at a self portrait.

then we walked along a memorial walk downtown. we hadn’t done that yet, so i just went with puppycakes. lots of other people had their dogs out too.

this seems to be a famous statue… i’ve seen a lot of paintings of it. it makes me tear up. kind of amazing that this little town has been around since 1623! {yes, i know a million other places have been around so much longer! but it’s kinda cool to live in a town with so much history!}

and that so many people have died in their ships!


and all the wives and children who lost their daddies and lovers to the ocean. it makes you contemplative and sad to really think about how the ocean ruled the lives of so many in this town. being from Colorado i’ve always been completely oblivious from this kind of life.


and puppycakes is just  happily oblivious.

i think puppycakes misses how much attention he got when husbuddy was gone! haha. but oh boy are we glad he’s back. :)