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alright, well, it’s been a few weeks since i posted this post and i’ve had some requests for some updates on the bump that is growing at a ridiculous pace. unfortunately, week 16 went by without a picture. things kept happening to get in the way! doh!


and well, let’s just say that i’ve been pretty self conscious of the little baby bump. it’s still could sometimes be mistaken for a beer belly or something so i was shy to get these past two weeks up on the blog. i feel huge for only being 18 weeks but not pregnant-looking enough yet to feel confident about it. ha!  so i feel “in-between” because i can still wear some pre-maternity clothes (like explained below) but don’t really fit into maternity yet without it feeling loose.


when we took our 17 week photo we were on the way to the beach. yay for wearing pre-maternity swimsuits with such a big belly!  i felt a little indecent, like i was falling out in random places… but not enough yet to go spend money on a real maternity swimsuit. we’ll see if i actually get to that.
17 weeksthis week’s belly shot. oh man, you guys! i’m starting to accidentally bump the belly randomly. i don’t realize how far it sticks out until i hit it! 18 weeks

speaking of being self conscious and being “in-between”… where are all the donations of maternity clothes from all my friends…hmm?? i mean, i believe there was a time when it felt like everyone was prego except me…so when are y’all going to help a girlfriend out and lend me some clothes?!

hee hee.

xo-kimberly renee


just to show that it took about a million photos to get the cute one for this post:

imagine Puppycakes thinking, “what the heck are they making me wear?” or “look, there’s a bunny over there” or “this thing around my neck is too big” or “this is SOooooo boring” or “please, daddy, are we done yet?”outtakes_edited-1yup. we’re dog torturers over here. if you have any doubts, check out what we did to him that one christmas

he’s got to be so relieved that there will be another little thing around here to torture with photographs in the future! hee hee.



ok, so during the CRAZY of getting unpacked, settled, finding the grocery store, husbuddy starting a new job, i’ve neglected the blog. excuses excuses. i know! i’ll try to get better :)

so, last week we moved from Gloucester MA to our new home; Lancaster, PA. ah! crazy! this is our new home!

on the drive down we stopped to visit our dear friends in Princeton. they now only live 2 hours away, so we are super excited! one morning during our visit we went to Hopewell. there is a new market there that has delicious pasteries and meats and cheeses. it  was so refreshing to catch up with the Estes. {for those of you who have been following Owen’s progress, he is doing really well! he was super happy and smily the whole time we were there. he is such a sweet two year old! go check out his blog for more!}


after our little treat we took Owen to a nearby park. Owen now enjoys being pushed in the swing and going for buddy rides down the slide. Husbuddy LOVED taking him down the slide. giggles abounded. :) i’m not sure who had more fun. owen on slide_small

after our quick visit we continued on our way.

we are now residents of Pennsylvania:
JT at PA sign

{ps, in the photo above Husbuddy is pointing to the sign…not doing anything inappropriate like some people might think! lol}

now we’ve traded the ocean for farmland. this is the view as we pull out of the parking lot. crazy! these days, passing horse and buggies and stopping at road side farm stands for amish-grown strawberries are daily occurrences.

farm view


there have been a lot of walks. it feels like summer and we are so excited to be here.

and for those of you who have worried about how puppycakes is doing:

puppycakes lifehe loves all the new walks and laying in the shade. he is still a little anxious as we continue to unpack boxes, but he is super cuddly with his new squeaky toy. i think it’s his way of coping with all the changes. :)

now at our house, when he isn’t snuggling with it, you can go crazy from all the squeak, squeak, squeaking…



last weekend we did a little bit of “touristy-ness” with some dear friends from Gloucester. we went to Woodmans for fried fish because we just found out they had a gluten free version. {Husbuddy was super excited!}

it was a beautiful day {finally!} to be out enjoying the sunshine. 
IMG_2045_with Dubose


we are thankful for friends to share life with, even if just for a year. these two have two more years of seminary at Gordon Conwell… so we’ll be praying for strength to endure as they prepare to receive a call to be a pastor.  IMG_2064_dad and girl-vintage

while we finished eating, Finley, the adorable 10 month old, was having a blast sitting in and crawling through the grass.  this was a new experience for her.  so of course i had to pull out my camera to capture her cuteness.

i love her single bottom tooth… so adorable.

and this face looks like, ‘hey ma, watch me…’IMG_2052_look of trouble-vintage


as she takes off to get her first grass stains on her knees. IMG_2060_there she goes-vintage


so sweet.

gotta admit, i love sunshine and grass stains. :) warm weather is finally here and i’m enjoying every minute!

what about you? had a chance to enjoy the sunshine recently?





i think it’s kind of fitting that as we walked to the second half of our first day, we came across this sign for the zoo: IMG_1230_osaka zoo sign

because let me tell you. it felt like we walked into the zoo! well, more like NYC Times Square meets China Town. it was sensory OVER LOAD. it was a shopping district that was totally over the top.

are you ready for this? we were not warned. i’m warning you… there were so many people, so many things to look at, so many signs and so many…everything.

Tinsekai: IMG_1232_tinsekai

that little gold budda idol thing is a “happy god” aparently though his arms are too short to reach his feet so as you walk by you’re supposed to itch and tickle his toes for him. hilarious.IMG_1235_osaka shopping district

kind of a helpless god if you ask me… lol

the abundance of materialism was amazing. IMG_1236_osaka shopping districtyou could go up in this tower to get a view of the city. but since we already had done that this morning we opted out. it reminded me of the space needle in Seattle though. i think it was built around the same time.
IMG_1238_osaka tower and signs

they had large figures above all the shops. i think this was a donut guy or something:IMG_1239_store sign

and i don’t know what that was:IMG_1241_tinsekai

but this is a crab obviously. the legs moved. ha! apparently you need to see a giant sculpture-moving no less- of what you are about to go order at a little window… to eat:IMG_1254_osaka crab

you can see Becca laughing at my parents puzzled faces. i WISH i had caught dad’s look! his eyebrows are sofocused! haha. IMG_1256_family

can you see why we were totally overwhelmed? this went on for street after street! it felt like there was no end! IMG_1258_osaka

and of course, octopus. the japanese like to eat octopus, in SO many different ways{as i will show you another day}. this shop though was for octopus in fried-donut-like balls. at every place like this there was always a long line. we opted to pass and not stand in line to wait for these little delicacy’s. i don’t know, maybe we missed out… but i think we were ok with that.IMG_1260_octopus phew! exhausted and over-stimulated, our guide took us down a couple of alley ways to this shrine. it was just in some back corner behind all the shops, but it was still highly frequented:IMG_1261_osaka shrine

i love that there is moss growing on their idol. they toss water on it when they pray so the moss just grew over time!IMG_1264_osaka shrine

i think the lanterns lined up in a row are rather pretty though:IMG_1265_osaka shrine

so after that, totally, exhausting day, we actually ended up at starbucks. Becca was so excited because there are only a couple of places “close” to her where she can get a starbucks coffee! {granted, i think we hit EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. …and my family doesn’t even drink coffee normally!! lol} this picture was from a different day, but you can see her affection:

Becca and starbucks

then we found dinner in the basement of a department store. yes. that’s a real thing. the whole basements of department stores are near the underground subway/shopping areas so they are filled with food vendors! think of the makeup/perfume counters X 1,000 and put food prettily displayed behind the counters and you’ll understand what i’m saying. :)

in the department store there was a little french shop where we bought a couple of rolls and bagels for our breakfast the next morning… we needed a little break from all the strange food… what can i say? hee hee.

{to be continued}

first of all, i’m sorry for neglecting my dear little blog. life is a bit crazy right now,  and i hope to share more with you soon!

but all right, today’s post is about Houzz dot com.

who hasn’t discovered Houzz yet?! i mean, seriously, this website is AWESOME. :) i’ve been on it a lot lately for a couple of projects. a couple of kitchens, a fence project, a couple of powder rooms… and so when i need inspiration, i go here and start searching for images that inspire!

do you need help figuring out what style of kitchen you should go with? they have an article and a million links for that.

do you like vintage looking kitchens and need confidence that you can pull it off? they have an article for that too. :)

Yup! do you recognize that kitchen? It’s from my photoshoot adventure my  best day of work ever! Kinda exciting that my old firm is finally getting the recognition they deserve for this project! She actually received an award for “Best of Houzz 2013″ woot woot! Knight Architects has a nice little portfolio on Houzz that you should totally check out.
Or maybe you need direction for a fence or gate you want to build. There is inspiration for that.
and of course, there are a million powder room inspiration examples! it’s the designer’s dream, really, to be able to peruse such an abundant collection of inspirational photos! so, you know what i’ll be doing today…
go check Houzz out! :) it’s very fun.

a few pictures from my awesome-amazing-fun-perfect-totally-spoiled-howmanydescirptivewordscaniget- birthday weekend:

this is a photo dump. not going to lie. it was an a great weekend because my sweet husbuddy loves me and spoils me with surprises. i LOVE february because i get v-day AND my birthday. hee hee.

on my birthday we went to get sushi:

Photo Feb 21, 7 07 53 PM

note: this never has happened before in my little life. it was an adventure:Photo Feb 21, 7 08 05 PM

then we found gluten free + dairy free cupcakes! we shared one because it was 6$. ha. it was SO good!Photo Feb 21, 8 39 25 PM

then husbuddy gave me this as a gift:Photo Feb 21, 5 34 19 PM

for those of you who don’t know what that means… it means snowboarding!!!! eek! this colorado girl was excited!Photo Feb 22, 2 23 11 PM

and it was a beautiful day!

Photo Feb 22, 3 01 19 PM

guys, we LOVE snowboarding together. it is so fun! the snow wasn’t the best that day… a little icy for this colorado girl… but still so fun!Photo Feb 22, 3 01 36 PM rocking that mountain!Photo Feb 22, 11 17 42 AM Photo Feb 22, 11 28 41 AMand i had a handsome date/chair lift partner.
Photo Feb 22, 11 28 59 AM

he even showed off for me in his own special way:

Photo Feb 22, 12 34 30 PMPhoto Feb 22, 12 34 33 PM
hee hee.

ok, but the next day we were SO SORE. it had been 2 years since i’d been! maybe we need to try skiing. 28 may be too old for snowboarding…

awesomest birthday weekend!  thanks love!

Happy Birthday little MR. O!

BW filmstrip small

We are so excited for your 2nd birthday! Can’t ya tell?! We had a little bit of fun this evening celebrating him. :)

For those of you who’ve been following little Owen’s life these past two years, you know that right now he’s having a virtual mustache party… take a picture of yourself in a mustache and send it to wish him a happy day! :)LOVE it! such a cute and creative idea! See the post here and join in the fun!

Blessings to Owen on his special day!

xo-kimberly renee

just in case you didn’t know… we went to the Mayan Riviera for Christmas! . it was a wonderful trip. it was so warm. there was so much beach. such good time with family. and so much food and fun.

i have about a million pictures that i’ve been going through. don’t worry, i’m not going to show them all to you. just a few of my favorites::

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

actually, after such a wonderful time, it’s quite depressing to be back home! i’ll be dreaming of mexico for weeks…

xoxo-kimberly renee

a few images of christmas from around our house:snowflake


manger ornamentwinter scene

wreath leaves