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maine anniversary_vintage

today is our anniversary! it’s been 7 years since i told this man in front of all our friends and family that he had my heart forever.  can you believe it, sweetheart?! we’ve had so many adventures in those 7 years. this year has been particularly adventure-full so here are a few of my favorite adventures from this past year. :)

biked to the beach one morning

riding the tandom bike on Martha’s Vineyard = a blast!

on the front veranda

exploring Edgartown with family = loved it!


cooking and creating together = date nights done well!


Photo Jan 19, 8 41 56 AM

road trips together =always my fav.

at the pool

dressing up for dinner

MEXICO!  = SO fun!

IMG_2024_group picture

new friends in Gloucester = such a blessing

in front of castle disneyland!  = such a sweet little getaway!







Photo Feb 22, 2 23 11 PM

snowboarding for my birthday = you know me so well!

2013-05-25 10.52.02

moving to a new place with new adventures= awesome! {i know, technically i’m not in this with one, but i’m right there in his excitement!} excited baby reveal sm


and now a new adventure = SO excited to see him become a Daddy to our little girl!

Happy Anniversary, Husbuddy. xoxo



oh hello again. ready for a few more pictures from japan?

note to self. when traveling in japan, always find this:

IMG_1718_western stlye

much better than the alternative. ha. i just wanted to let you know that.

anyway, now we are in kyoto. i wanted to show you our little hotel room with my silly sister:

IMG_1515_kyoto hotel room

ok, it wasn’t that little. i’ve heard that there are some really tiny hotel rooms in Japan! we, thankfully, didn’t stay in any of those.  but check out the toilet. i thought it was so genius to use the rear-toilet water as a sink before it went into the tank! seriously! how genius is that? IMG_1511_kyoto toilet

and also note the fancy controller on the side… heated toilet seats, anyone? or fancy bidet buttons? {those got us into trouble… not going to lie…hee hee}

ok. this whole post is not about toilets. i promise.

it’s about pretty architecture and little details that i saw in Kyoto! it seems like every other photo that i took was of roof lines… so, there ya go… Japan has cool roofs. you’re inspired now, right?IMG_1670_rooflines

anyway, our first day in Kyoto we went to The Golden Pavillion. Can you believe it’s right in the middle of the city? it has a large preserved area around it, which is really beautiful.

{our tour guide went a little crazy this day trying to get a lot of family photos…lol}IMG_1533_golden pavilion family

but isn’t it pretty… oooo sparkly…

and it’s ALL GOLD LEAF. IMG_1537_golden pavillion nice

wow, right?! how crazy is that? and this isn’t the original temple! apparently in the 50s a monk {that wasn’t all there, if you know what i mean} thought that it would look really magnificent on fire… so he set the 500 year old wood structure on fire. our tour guide said it burned down in like 7 minutes, so that monk was the only one who got to see “the beauty of it”. ha! so…not only did they cover a building with gold leaf, back in the day for some emperor… but they had to do it again after the crazy monk burnt it down! HA! well, i think they have to reclad it with gold leaf every twenty years or so… cause it doesn’t really hold up to the elements the best. {i’m actually impressed it lasts 20 years!}

IMG_1543_golden pavillion

that is a phoenix on top of the temple. the legend is that when Japan has a perfect government, a real phoenix will appear. HA! when do you think that’s going to happen for any country, i ask you?!

another rule of japanese architecture is that apparently it is bad luck to have a “perfect” building. so they added this fishing hut on the back to keep it from being perfectly square. how funny is that? very different from european architecture which worked for “perfection”. IMG_1557_golden pavillion

after a long morning walking around all the shiny-sparkly-gold building we headed to a favorite restaurant of the tour guides’ for Udon and Tempora. yum!

IMG_1587_noodles +tempura

after lunch we went to another temple. this temple had a million cherry trees in bloom so it was a really gorgeous walk.IMG_1599_flowers

and aren’t my parents’ just the cutest?! IMG_1608_mom and dad2 and i love this girl to death :)IMG_1619_becca

so this shrine was for a rock garden. uhh… a rock garden. there were 15 rocks in about 30’x70′ space- you could only stand on one side because there was a tall wall around all the 3 other sides…and  if you stood in one place, maybe you could see all 15 at once… and you’d get good luck…

IMG_1627_rock garden



i was a little more distracted by some of the other details around the temple grounds:
IMG_1637_wd work details

really really old wood work that is just gorgeous!IMG_1642_wdwork details

it’s just so perfect, without nails, or any of our fancy fasteners from today.IMG_1644_wd deatls

and this pretty window!IMG_1582_woodwork

and the cypress trees were even beautiful

IMG_1649_cypress tree

group shot in front of the cherry tree again:IMG_1655_family and flowers

then we stopped by the Kyoto Castle. this castle is a lot different than the other castles we’ve seen because it was built in a time of peace. the emperor just wanted a “summer” home or something in Kyoto.IMG_1680_kyoto castle

we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but inside were the original “nightengale floors” were to protect the inhabitents from ninjas! the floors were designed to squeek when you walked on it. there was no way to walk across it without making it squeek! cool! :) made me wish my silly-totally-into-that-kind-of-thing Husbuddy was there with me to see it. :) this is how a nightengale floor is designed:

*thanks for the nerd-moment there*

a couple more detail shots from around the castle:

IMG_1656_rain gutter

pretty wood carvings were throughout the whole castle:IMG_1686_kyoto castle detail

a pretty bridge post:

IMG_1701_kyoto castle gateafter all the site seeing at castles and shrines, we were pretty worn out. the tour guide took us to a really fascinating food market… but that will have to wait for another day!

to be continued…

xo-kimberly renee

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you guys, i’ve been sick. SO sick. cold/fever/cough from japan! oh man!

{hey that rhymed!}

i come to you today trying not to cough the entire post, but i wanted to keep going with getting these pictures up! so it will be a quick one.


after a couple days we left Osaka and headed to the mountains.

“I want to see mountains again, mountains, Gandalf!”

-Bilbo, The Lord of the Rings.

{betcha didn’t think you were going to get some literature quotes with this post, did ya?}

Becca lives in a tiny little town up in the mountains between Osaka and Kyoto. it was a lovely train ride. but before we really got into the mountains we stopped at this amazing castle that i wanted to see.

can’t you tell from this map that it must be a beautiful place?!  a castle on top of a hill. beautiful moats. lots of winding streets:

IMG_1347_himeji castle map

see? we’re so excited to enter the gate:

{well, actually Dad is sick-aka THE SICKNESS I HAVE NOW}

that and the weather was being super helpful with  a freezing-bone-chilling-drizzle of rain.

but just think, as soon as we walk through this gate, it’s going to be a gorgeous castle on top of a hill! IMG_1339_himeji castle family

womp womp:IMG_1341_himeji castle

it was in a BOX. thank GOODNESS SAKES that they put up a big poster of what it was supposed to look like, cause, man. would i have been disappointed if i didn’t have that.*

{*slight sarcasm in case you didn’t notice}

SAD DAY for this little architect.

AND this amazing park that was supposed to be around it was just a little disappointing…
IMG_1357_himeji castle

but i quickly got over it and focused on the details. they were still pretty!

and we actually got to go up inside the box and see the castle up close and personal. it also showed how they restore it. which is actually pretty cool! we kept telling ourselves that if the box wasn’t there we wouldn’t have been able to do that:

IMG_1363_himeji castle

and look, because it was being restored there were architectural/structural plans for us to check out: IMG_1368_himeji castle

and models! look, they even showed what the box looked like… in case you couldn’t see from, i don’t know, standing outside.*

IMG_1370_himeji castle

luckily i have a hilarious sister who always makes things fun: IMG_1372_becca

bawhahahah. ok i’m officially dead meat since i put up that up there. good thing she is still in japan for another year or more.

i guess the cherry trees were starting to bloom. that was pretty. and there were a couple pretty walkways. and my sister is pretty:

IMG_1379_himeji castle

and there were these cool little archery-holes. i don’t know if that’s what they were. i just guessed. seems like a good plan to me though. tiny holes, different shapes, surprise surprise, is the arrow coming at you from the rectangle or triangle?!
IMG_1380_himeji castle IMG_1381_himeji castle

haha. ok. i’m a dork.

but so are these two: and i love them anyway:IMG_1384_himeji castle becca and mom

we found lunch at a tiny hole in the wall down the street.  there were about 6 tables in the whole restaurant. 3 were typical japanese style where you take off your shoes and sit on the floor at a low table with your legs crossed. the other 3 were “western” tables with civilized chairs. we kind of thought it was hilarious that all the japanese in the restuarant were sitting at the western tables and all the japanese tables were open, so we had to sit on the floor… kind of made us wonder, why don’t they just give up on the whole japanese style thing if they’re all just going to go for western style anyway?

{note, we had the same discussion about the toilets…always a line for the western style and always open squatty-potties…but seriously, this is lunch, we won’t talk about that here}

i had chow mein: {i have no idea what that meat was. not bacon. not really pork. well maybe. i don’t know} it was pretty good though::Photo Mar 27, 2 43 30 AM

and then we hit up starbucks before getting on the train.

you think i’m joking.

but we were wet and cold and grumpy (from sitting on the floor) and needed a little encouragement. ha.

and we knew were headed for the boonies, so might as well get it while we can!

but look at this amazing view from the train! ::
IMG_1388_train ride

i love how the mountains stick straight up! and the land was totally flat going up to it- no foothills! not like colorado at all.

and we saw some pretty cool looking farm houses:IMG_1389_train ride

and i got to sit with my sissy, make jokes and laugh at our dad snoring from his cold…

little did we know we would get our revenge 2 weeks later… {cough cough cough}
IMG_1391_train ride

{please note, if i’ve said anything rude or un-fun while trying to be funny, i blame the cough syrup and take no responsibility.}

xo- this girl who stayed up past her sick-bedtime{7 pm} to write this.

ps- if you’ve missed any of my other posts about japan, check it out: part 1, part 2, part 3


a few images of christmas from around our house:snowflake


manger ornamentwinter scene

wreath leaves




this month has been stock full of adventures. this past week we had my in-laws visiting. it was a wonderful time, lots of beach time, lots of great food and even better company. one of my favorite things we did while they were here was visit Martha’s Vineyard.

do you even know how beautiful it is there??!!

i had no idea.

drop dead gorgeous. the architecture is colonial and just breath taking. the flowers are blooming. the picket fences are perfectly white. you are on an island and it feels like a different kind of paradise. no wonder there were a million yachts in the harbor. this is where the rich and famous visit. we felt out of place and we just kept gasping and ooo-ing and awe-ing.

yup. we were those tourists that the rich and famous are embarrassed by. ;) hee hee.

for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this little photo-show of architectural snapshots from around Edgartown:




these pictures can not even begin to describe the beauty that we found there… but maybe it will inspire you as much as i’m inspired by them!

One of the most peaceful things in the world is walking along the beach. Why is that?

After a long day of work or school it’s the perfect remedy for both us. And puppy cakes LOVES it.

Footprints in the sand is one of my favorite new daily things.

I’m thankful for this gift that is part of our new “normal” :)