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well folks…yup, i know you’re thinking… from previous discussions about house hunting, you think i’m talking about moving into a house…

and we are!

but right now i’m talking about this blog. see, i’ve run out room on this space here and i would LOVE it if you all would follow me on over to my brand spankin new space HERE! now go check it out! :)


hee hee. Sissy is excited about it too!!  i’ve actually worked really hard on this new little space of mine, so i’d love it if you’d come check it out and follow me there! {and give me a a little grace, as i’m still working out the kinks!}

please update your readers with this new website:

thanks bunches and love you lots!

i’m waiting for you!!

xoxo-kimberly renee


ok, so during the CRAZY of getting unpacked, settled, finding the grocery store, husbuddy starting a new job, i’ve neglected the blog. excuses excuses. i know! i’ll try to get better :)

so, last week we moved from Gloucester MA to our new home; Lancaster, PA. ah! crazy! this is our new home!

on the drive down we stopped to visit our dear friends in Princeton. they now only live 2 hours away, so we are super excited! one morning during our visit we went to Hopewell. there is a new market there that has delicious pasteries and meats and cheeses. it  was so refreshing to catch up with the Estes. {for those of you who have been following Owen’s progress, he is doing really well! he was super happy and smily the whole time we were there. he is such a sweet two year old! go check out his blog for more!}


after our little treat we took Owen to a nearby park. Owen now enjoys being pushed in the swing and going for buddy rides down the slide. Husbuddy LOVED taking him down the slide. giggles abounded. :) i’m not sure who had more fun. owen on slide_small

after our quick visit we continued on our way.

we are now residents of Pennsylvania:
JT at PA sign

{ps, in the photo above Husbuddy is pointing to the sign…not doing anything inappropriate like some people might think! lol}

now we’ve traded the ocean for farmland. this is the view as we pull out of the parking lot. crazy! these days, passing horse and buggies and stopping at road side farm stands for amish-grown strawberries are daily occurrences.

farm view


there have been a lot of walks. it feels like summer and we are so excited to be here.

and for those of you who have worried about how puppycakes is doing:

puppycakes lifehe loves all the new walks and laying in the shade. he is still a little anxious as we continue to unpack boxes, but he is super cuddly with his new squeaky toy. i think it’s his way of coping with all the changes. :)

now at our house, when he isn’t snuggling with it, you can go crazy from all the squeak, squeak, squeaking…



this weekend marks the beginning of another great adventure.

{yay for being on the road with all the memorial day traffic!}

moving dayi’m excited to share with you what our next adventure entails soon. for now you can think of me in all the craziness of packing, cleaning, moving, and driving to another new part of the country!

hope you have a great memorial weekend, friends!

xo-kimberly renee



moving was long and arduous. we made a firm decision to hire movers next time we move. hold us to that, ok?!

when we finally got everything unloaded and truck returned to Penske we decided to go to the beach. Good Harbour Beach is the one we visited on the first night. it was time to partake of the relaxation that the beach could offer.

so off to the beach we headed.

Becca and I mostly just relaxed on the sand while the boys took out the boogie board. {yes, we just moved here, but Husbuddy found it absolutely necessary to buy a boogie board!}

i’d like to point out that i was given grief for taking the picture of the pretty ocean water and missing husbuddy’s “awesome ride”!! apparently i have a short attention span when it comes to watching him catch his dear waves.

instead i’d rather be soaking up the sun.

or pigeon people watching.

haha. another time i was given grief…

the boys had a lot of fun though.
then we took them out for a gloucester style dinner. Nick even had a “lobsta roll”

the next day we took Becca to the train station early and showed Nick a little around Boston before he had to catch his plane.

thanks so much for coming out, Becca and Nick! you’re the bestest!! :)

today we’re packing up the truck and starting to say good bye to Jersey!

via husbuddy

our little helpers arrived last night {by little  i mean younger siblings… i think they’re both taller than me so i have no right calling them little… but i do anyway :)}

today is my last day of work! i’m getting really sad to say goodbye to a great job and all the awesome experiences i’ve had here!! it was here that i fell in love with residential architecture and where i’ve completed all of my training so that i can start the ARE. this job has been such a blessing.

via husbuddy

then later we’ll pack up the truck and clean out our little home.  {note, Husbuddy has affectionately named it “Bess”… so if you notice him calling it “ol’ Bess” just don’t ask…}

via husbuddy

it won’t be sad to say good bye to the mold but it will be sad to say good bye to all the friends we’ve had here!

then, tomorrow morning we start the drive north.

things are happening fast around here! xo-kimberly renee

{please think of me in your prayers during the drive, as Husbuddy is so excited to use the walkie talkies and use code names from star wars…he starts every communication with “this is red leader, come in” … and then he ends ever thing he says over the walkie talkie with a “red leader over and out”…hee hee, he’s so cute…

just please ignore the eye roll… on that note: i’m pretty sure one day this is going to be my family: go HERE…and i’m going to love it.}

gold leader over and out.