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how to

i’m posting for

the challenge is to find something on pinterest then to make it and post about it. granted, we do that a lot. we find a lot of new recipes on pinterest and i’m always pinning craft ideas and i do actually make a lot of them… but i think this is more of a challenge to get me off my butt from just pinning things and to actually doing the things i pinned.

ok. so i’m all for that!

i decided to make something that i may have pinned more than once.

on accident! i promise! i hate it when people go pin crazy and forget they already pinned something and pin all over the place… but this time it was me. {shame face} i actually pinned this pin more than once:

Old popcorn containers spray painted for pet food storage. So cute!

why? because i’ve been wanting one of these: {dear ballard designs, why are these so freaking expensive?!} i’ve been drooling over these for over a year.


i wanted one of these because they are pretty. at least prettier than what i have. see, this is the current pet food container situation:

current dogfdhonest truth there, folks. we’ve taped together the falling-apart-lid. it’s kinda  totally pathetic.

even puppycakes thinks so.


the lady that i pinned the original pin from used a popcorn tin.  i didn’t have one of those and for the life of me i couldn’t find one. and since i pinned this from over a year ago, i have patiently been waiting to find a popcorn tin. no such luck. not even at christmas. i must be blind- i know. but i didn’t find one.

then last week, i  went to the container store and asked if they had any canister similar to the ballard designs one. they were kind of smug in the way they said nope, their dog food container was better:


dear container store, this was NOT what i was looking for. i do NOT need another ugly trash-can looking thing in my house. and WHY do you need a foot-step-opener for dog food? i mean seriously.

no, i wanted something  kind of pretty, more like a rustic metal bucket looking thing…with a lid. that’s all i am asking for!! how hard can it be? 

so on the way home, husbuddy was sweet enough to suggest stopping at home-depot to see if they had a metal trash can thing. i thought we’d looked before but i decided to give it another chance. and what do you know? they had one! {sim here} woot woot! exactly what i wanted! 


it took some scrubbing to get the stickers off… but that’s ok. it’s just a dog food tin after all… {no matter how big of a deal i’m making it!}

so then i got out my paint and got to work:

1. tape stencils onto tin {note: i need to get new stencils! i know! but i was too lazy to buy another set for this little project!}

2. mix black paint with varnish. i did this in hopes that the varnish which has “excellent adhesion qualities” would help the paint stick to the metal.

3. stencil!

4. add cute little details like paw prints to lid.

painting dog food

see, puppycakes has one paw with only 3 toes because of a surgery he had when he was a puppy. so i made sure one of the prints had only 3 toes!

bucket finished2easy peasy. then i sprayed with a sealer to help the paint to stay

puppycakes thought it was a huge improvement for his special food.

IMG_1144he’s got a special tummy just like his daddy. see: “grain free” just like his gluten free daddy! hee hee

IMG_1143puppycakes approves.

and i like it because it’s pretty, it was CHEAP and utilitarian.

bucket lidthank you Young House Love for inspiring me to actually get this project done! and thank you pinterest for showing me that i could make a 15$ version instead of buying the 50$ version. yay!

love can be found in a metal trashcan/dog food container. i kid you not.

bucket finished


thanks for enduring my silliness, friends.




today i’m going to share with you something that has been on my mind for a really long time. well, two things.

  1. i want to do more tutorial around here.
  2. i’ve been meaning to make these tags for flour jars forever

so, that brings us to today. to cute tag day.

you see, since Husbuddy found out that he was gluten, yeast, dairy (and a couple of other random things) intolerant we’ve been having to make any baked goods we want around the house at home. apparently, when you cook gluten free you have to use more than one kind of non-gluten-flour in some sort of mix to make it taste just about right. we’ve been learning a lot of our gluten free knowledge from the good people over at  “no gluten no problem”   and their cookbook. they have the best flour mix we’ve tried yet! so we like to keep that on hand. but…this has led to an accumulation of a about 1,000 types of flours laying around the house.  

so in my determination to have a little bit of organization i’ve decided to find 1,000 jars to hold them all. so far i’ve found 9. although i haven’t had to buy any! 

first what you need is:

  • the tag template -which can be found at the end of this post for free download! all you have to do is download the pdf and print it off on card stock! there are even 3 colors to choose from. :) just because i love you.
  • the jars (or whatever you’re going to put a tag on)
  • stamps
  • ink
  • scrap paper (to wipe of the stamp after you use it)
  • twine
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • list of what you want to stamp
(see, i find it helpful to write out exactly what i’m going to stamp… i don’t have the perfect track record for spelling around here.)
first cut out each tag. you can use either design or both. i had fun mixing it up by using both.

then stamp the name of the flour (or whatever you want to stamp). stamping doesn’t have to be perfect, just have fun with it!

super easy, right?!

maybe even a little boring…

for some people.

but i had a lot of fun and now i have an pretty and organized collection for the flours. i don’t know about you, but i’m more likely to keep something organized if it’s pretty!

there ya go, now it’s your turn. go forth and tag everything you can think of!

free download:

to download the tags below: click on the link, then save the file and print!

blue tag template

yellow tag template

purple tag template

have fun! and let me know what you decide to tag!

xo-kimberly renee

i got really excited about this YHL post last week.

They’re having another  PINTEREST CHALLENGE!  {a “pinterest challenge”  is when you try to make something you’ve found on Pinterest!}

unfortunately, i’ve been super busy with my silly 31 days thing lately. so, I’m a little worn out and I haven’t really had time to work something out…

O, don’t worry. I still made something. :) hee hee. it’s just not as big and grand as i wished…

A couple of weeks ago, actually, a friend and i were inspired to make pinterest t-shirt scarfs!

She had  found a beautiful inspiration of T-shirt braids like this one:


and I found this  T-shirt material+lace scarf which totally inspired me!


they’re both so fun!

Luckily we had that tutorial for the braided one so that we could figure out how to do the lace one.  I’m totally in love with it:

the scarf

{even if my face looks funny} The only thing I’d change is try to find some larger detailed lace like my inspiration page. Next time!!

I loved mine so much that I made one for my mother-in-law for her birthday yesterday! She has a purple one, hopefully she loves it as much as I do! :)

xoxo- kimberly renee