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well folks…yup, i know you’re thinking… from previous discussions about house hunting, you think i’m talking about moving into a house…

and we are!

but right now i’m talking about this blog. see, i’ve run out room on this space here and i would LOVE it if you all would follow me on over to my brand spankin new space HERE! now go check it out! :)


hee hee. Sissy is excited about it too!!  i’ve actually worked really hard on this new little space of mine, so i’d love it if you’d come check it out and follow me there! {and give me a a little grace, as i’m still working out the kinks!}

please update your readers with this new website:

thanks bunches and love you lots!

i’m waiting for you!!

xoxo-kimberly renee


it’s a little late. i realize that. already the 11th of the new year! but my mind is still trying to process 2012. and i haven’t even really had a chance to dream about 2013! i blame it on the mayan cold that i brought back from Mexico. it’s knocking me flat…mostly just making me wish i was laying flat. …anyway…

the beach

this post is about declaring 2012 finished.

i want to declare it finished because i’m holding onto it.  it was a good year! i’m kind of sad that 2012 is over for some reason.  it was a full year of friends and adventures. we faced fears  and conquered struggles.  it was hard but good. it was a miracle when  Husbuddy graduated. it was a year full of new places to see and lots of new people to meet. we moved to the North Shore of Boston. it was a year of lots new beginnings.  as well as temporary feeling ones.  i played with my camera a lot and practiced 31 days of prayer. we figured out a lot  Husbuddy’s health issues and learned how to cook in new ways. Husbuddy learned what it was like to feel normal again and not be so sick.

it was a good/hard/adventuresome/lots-to-learn kind of year.

at the pool

i started last year with one word: contentment. you can see where i flesh why i chose that word here last january. it was a good year to focus on being content because so many things were up in the air and changing.i also wrote this post about half way through 2012 to talk about how i felt like i was doing. contentment was a good word because it helped me to focus on the only ONE who can bring contentment.  i feel like i’ve no where near mastered being content- but i feel like i understand a little more of what that word really means.

and that’s kind of cool to say out loud.

pretty trees

it was a good year. and i’m thankful for what we experienced through it.  as i look to 2013, for some reason i’m dragging my feet … i think it’s because 2012 was so good. we were so content just to live life… and now,  to think that we’re facing another new year- with a lot more change- i’m hesitant to start it…

so, i’m taking a few days to think of a 2013 “word of the year“. i’ll keep ya posted! ;)

but i declare 2012 good and i declare it finished. thank you, Lord, for providing such a wonderful/hard/trusting/adventuresome year!


Photo Dec 03, 8 36 36 PM

it’s been one of those days. one of those days when i realize how depraved i am.

  • what a grumpy person i am.  i get so annoyed so easily. something isn’t going my way. someone cuts me off or someone says something that offends me. i immediately am put on edge. it stays with me the entire day.
  • what a basket case full of stress i am. this season is full of ridiculous amount of stress. somehow i’m letting it get to me. the bible says not to worry. not to be anxious about anything. Jesus says, not to worry about what i should eat or what i should wear… yet i worry about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
  • what a complainer i am.  nothing is going the way i want it to.  so i complain about it. like the Israelites who complained in the desert during the Exodus when they had to eat the same god-given bread day after day. i complain about my god-given moments…it’s a gift…and yet i complain.
  • what a selfish person. geez. i’m so disappointed in myself.

who am i? why can’t i be better? what am i doing? why am i such a horrible person? these thoughts have been running through my head all day.

then i remember. and i confess because i am a sinner. i can’t do anything on my own. i can’t even be a “good” person. i need Jesus.

SO. badly.

and that’s the reason for this time of year, isn’t it?

it’s a season of expectantly waiting. for Jesus… the only ONE who can make me anything more than a sinner. i am in eager anticipation for HIS arrival. The Prince of PEACE. may He show Himself every day this season. may He call all of us to see how much we NEED him.

“For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

blessings this holiday season. may we all be reminded of the reason.

xoxo-kimberly renee.

ok, i have to start this with a little history.

as a girl i LOVED gumball machines. i don’t know what it was about them. they held gumballs-which i was hardly ever allowed to have? they were colorful? they look quaint and old fashioned?  i even remember i had a gumball machine birthday cake once. it cracks me up to think of my obsession.

and then one time i saw someone made a lamp out of one. it was so cute! and they were selling it for like 80$ or something. i loved it but they put fake apples inside. {tragedy!you gotta put gumballs inside!} but i knew right then and there that i wanted one. goofy, i know.

fast forward to last year:: my sweet friends from Princeton and I were garage sale-ing. i saw one for sale. for 5$. i wanted it! but then some old lady stepped in front of my a grabbed it practically out of my hand. sad day. anyway…  my friend Sharon found one for sale last Christmas and gave it to me as a gift because she knew my plan. sweetest thing ever, right? :) i thought so.  i had the machine. now i just had to make it.

then i got cold feet and was afraid i would fail. i put it off all year because i was afraid i would break it, or ruin it or something. that and Husbuddy was afraid it would look tacky.

yesterday i conquered my fears and just did it. ha! ok. maybe it does look a little tacky… but i still love it. :) and wouldn’t it look so cute in a little kiddos’ room someday? {waaaay  in the future, mind you}

ok this is what you need:

my supplies:

  • the gumball machine
  • a lamp kit
  • thread pipe(to screw the light kit into)
  • washers/nuts- to hold the thread pipe in place
  • sharpie
  • light bulb
  • lamp shade
  • and a curious puppy who watched me every second of the whole process (totally optional)

first i figured out the path that the wire would have to go. the wire can’t go all the way through to the bottom because i wanted the gumball machine part to still work. i marked where we needed to drill the holes.

for some reason Husbuddy doesn’t let me use the drill. {i have no idea why!} so i watched him masterfully work… that and get metal shavings all over his wallet. whew, good thing he did that and not me ;)

then i screwed in the thread pipe. you can see it’s a little wonky because i couldn’t put it directly in the center. that’s the hole that you need to screw on the lid to the glass. so, to make it straight i fashioned a couple of pieces of thick leather to hold it straight up and down. {sorry, forgot to take a pic of this.}

then i had to wire it.

to do this i had to take apart the top lamp-kit piece so i could feed the wires through all the holes and up through the threaded pipe. then i used my mad electrician skills {no, not really, it’s super easy} to wire it back together. and look! it works! {and still looks crooked because i hadn’t screwed on the top piece yet}

then when i was trying to pour the gumballs in i found i’d made a mistake putting together the machine… i put in that little rubber piece that holds the bottom of the glass- UPSIDE DOWN! doh.

fail. i would have had to take everything apart and start over. so instead, lazy lil’me,  i improvised and cut it. it’s not perfect, but it works. it still holds the glass correctly, there’s just a little slit in it. i know that i could order a replacement for like 2$ if this ever fails, so i’ll just go with it for now ;)

after i finally got that figured out… i poured in the gumballs and attached the lampshade!

woot woot! i love it! Husbuddy admits that it’s not as tacky as he thought it would be.

what do you think? love it or too tacky?

xo-kimberly renee.

so did ya think about it? think about why we pray?

my personal assessment is that we pray to grow closer to God. God asks us to pray to Him because He wants to be in communion with us. He wants us to know Him deeply and personally.

“You shall be my people, and I will be your God” Jer. 30:16

God repeats that phrase over and over again in Jeremiah and all throughout the old Testament. His desire is for us to know Him and for Him to know us. How beautiful is that?

think about it.

we have friends. some of whom we spend a lot of time with and some that we hardly ever see. i’d bet that your closest friends are the ones that you talk with. the ones you get real with and open yourself up to. the friends who know your deepest fears and who listen to you when you’re crying about the same thing you have a hundred times before. these friendships only occur when you’ve invested time in them. when you’ve opened yourself up to them. you have to be vulnerable to them for them to be vulnerable to you.

it is similar with God. HOW can we expect to know Him if we don’t spend time praying? talking to him? opening ourselves up to Him?

Relationships take time. and my relationship with God is THE most important relationship in my life. why am i not taking the time of any normal relationship and spending it with Him??

One of the most peaceful things in the world is walking along the beach. Why is that?

After a long day of work or school it’s the perfect remedy for both us. And puppy cakes LOVES it.

Footprints in the sand is one of my favorite new daily things.

I’m thankful for this gift that is part of our new “normal” :)


i love watching my puppy look out the window. he gets so excited to get a chance to look and he loves just watching the world. since our windows on this side of our apartment are high he has to get up on a chair to look out. it really kills him when he sees one of his little puppy buddies, either Muffy, Charlie, Henry or Patience. He goes a little crazy and thinks they’re coming to see him! Other times he sees his “enemies” and thinks he need to bark them away. But he wasn’t quite sure what to think when he saw his reflection this morning. i’m not even sure he saw it, actually, he probably didn’t, but i pretended that he did… :)
if he didn’t see it, was he just too focused on the world out there and all the things he wanted to do? that tree that needed to be marked or that corner where he last saw one of his buddies? or did he see his reflection and get focused on his own image and how sad he was that he wasn’t out there?

it makes me think about how we look out the window. do we get excited when we see the world outside, waiting for us? do look out and see opportunity to live and love? or do we look at the window, catch our own lonely reflection and get caught up in self absorption? are we inward, self focused or are we outward focused on others?
just some random reflections for your Saturday.
:) hee hee. pun intended.

dreary day

a little sunshine for a really really dreary day. i can’t believe they’re blooming already!
3 days down. 43 to go! :)

why are little feet so darn adorable?

there aren’t that many little feet in my life.

but i have to say, out of the few that i know, these have to be a pair of the cutest:

partly because the little guy that these feet belong to, is so dear to me.

he loves to smile and laugh at husbuddy. he lets me hold him (only sometimes cause it’s scary to be away from momma!) he wears the cutest hats. he loves to have little adventures by going on walks. he is learning to laugh and learning to use his hands. he had the best little first birthday a little over a week ago.

dear friends, i know that i’ve mentioned this before, but if you wouldn’t mind, please stay with me. things are rough right now for these little feet. please pray for this little guy. you can see more here, at his blog.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” matt. 18:20

thanks for your prayers, friends. xoxo


A february flower from my run on Tuesday. A little glimmer of hope on a cold winter day. May it be a glimmer of hope for you too!