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first of all, i’m sorry for neglecting my dear little blog. life is a bit crazy right now,  and i hope to share more with you soon!

but all right, today’s post is about Houzz dot com.

who hasn’t discovered Houzz yet?! i mean, seriously, this website is AWESOME. :) i’ve been on it a lot lately for a couple of projects. a couple of kitchens, a fence project, a couple of powder rooms… and so when i need inspiration, i go here and start searching for images that inspire!

do you need help figuring out what style of kitchen you should go with? they have an article and a million links for that.

do you like vintage looking kitchens and need confidence that you can pull it off? they have an article for that too. :)

Yup! do you recognize that kitchen? It’s from my photoshoot adventure my  best day of work ever! Kinda exciting that my old firm is finally getting the recognition they deserve for this project! She actually received an award for “Best of Houzz 2013″ woot woot! Knight Architects has a nice little portfolio on Houzz that you should totally check out.
Or maybe you need direction for a fence or gate you want to build. There is inspiration for that.
and of course, there are a million powder room inspiration examples! it’s the designer’s dream, really, to be able to peruse such an abundant collection of inspirational photos! so, you know what i’ll be doing today…
go check Houzz out! :) it’s very fun.

i found this blog the other day…  Life of an Architect

this guy is pretty hilarious as he talks about architecture things. i thought you might enjoy it as much as i do. but who knows, maybe you won’t because you’re not an architect… but i betcha you’ll learn a lot of architecture if you read a few posts. ;) go for it.

that and he has hilarious t-shirts for sale. dear architect/design friends, you may need to check these out.

in a week my little sister and brother-in-law show up in Jersey to help us pack.

in a week and 1 day i will say goodbye at work and have a big party with friends when we pack the truck.

in a week and 2 days we will drive 6+ hours north to Gloucester.

we are leaving our life, friends, and job here, yes. it is sad, yes. but it’s for a purpose. there is a reason and a “together calling“. we don’t know for sure where this next step will eventually take us, but we know God has it under control.

we have felt a call to ministry from very early in our marriage, husbuddy has felt a call to preach and i have felt a call to be an encourager by his side and to love others. even when i first started dating him, way back then, i told him that the purpose of my life was to glorify God, and i would only date/marry him if we could glorify God better together, than we could as individuals.  {needless to say, he was a little shocked by my determination to avoid dating him at first ;) ha}

but that’s why i simply ADORE this post over at Grace Covers Me. go and check out what she means when she talks about a “together calling”– i think this post talks to everyone, even if you’re not in a “specific” ministry,  whether you are a pastor’s wife or not, this post is a good a reminder that you, specifically, are called to serve God. it may be side by side with your husband- but you are not serving your husband. this ministry/pastorate/life is not just his calling, with you following along doing your own thing.   God has called you, my friend, specifically to a purpose and to serve Him with your whole heart, regardless of what your significant other is up to. But as a married couple, He has a specific calling for both of you- together- to glorify Him.

i love how she says, “my calling isn’t fueled by my husband”. sometimes i get stuck in a rut where i look to my husbuddy more than i look to my faithful God. my focus moves from God to him. then he gets frustrated that he can’t fulfill me the way that i want and then he gets stuck in a rut trying to be the savior i’m looking to him to be. he just can’t be though. he’s only human. i am fueled by Christ ALONE. my calling is to follow where Christ leads and to lean into HIM instead of on my husbuddy.

God has called me to serve Him with my whole heart and in everything i do. and what i am doing right now is following a call to encourage and support husbuddy while he finishes schooling in his call to become a preaching pastor. that, at this moment, is our “together call”.

and that, is why we are moving next week.

My sweet sweet friends Sharon, Joy and I had a onsie craft night this week.

I made this cute elephant:

Sharon’s such a good teacher, and on her blog this weekend there is an awesome tutorial as well as a giveaway! You should comment on the blog to be entered into the giveaway for the cutest little owl onsie!

yup, even if you’re like me and don’t have a baby, it makes a great gift! :)

I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s book “one thousand gifts” and I was struck by this sentence:


What do you think about that? I’d love to hear! Or have any of you read this book?

i have a serious “sweet find” for you guys today. please take a moment to read the post i’m linking to!

this post by lemmonade-makin-mama made me realize why i need to buy fairtrade chocolate.

i must admit that Chocolate is one of my favorite things. i thought it didn’t matter what kind you bought. i never knew it mattered! but now, i know. right in time for Valentine’s Day!  She has written a very thought-provoking post.

go check it out NOW! {yes, just click on the blue link}


and we can all buy fair trade chocolate.

  • Tuesday was date night. We made these awesome Chicken Panini’s by the Pionieer Woman. (the link connects you to the recipe!) i tried taking a picture, but her picture is just so much more appetizing.
  • Sammie is learning to sit on his pillow while we eat. I abhor begging of any kind!  It’s a tough thing to teach an “old”  (almost 3) dog a new trick, but he’s a good boy!
  • My sister got Husbuddy Farkle for Christmas. We’ve been playing it a lot lately when we just need to laugh together. (scream FARKLE on the top of your lungs everytime you get one and it’ll just throw you into a fit of giggles… or maybe just me?)
  • Friends and family are posting pictures of the crazy snow storm you’re having over in the Pacific Northwest. I’m totally jealous of all your snow! enjoy it for me will you? and while you’re out there enjoying it, maybe make some of this snow ice-cream from Lemonade Making Mama? then tell me how it is? we used to make snow ice cream growing up and this post just made me smile. :)
  • i bought this handmade cardi on etsy before Christmas. adore it. i would wear it every day if i could get away with pink stripes every day.
  • So sick of my wardrobe lately. It takes me way too long to get ready in the morning because i just stare at my closet dumbly. i mean,  Husbuddy has to come and check on me to see if i’m still alive. Wish I could dress like Kendi... but I doubt I have the guts to wear pink pants    resources or brain power to think about that right now.
  • These two make redoing your own kitchen so easy… pretty soon, with everyone DIY-ing, architects, like me, won’t have a job. I’m totally in LOVE with Young House Love’s new kitchen and new grouted tile backsplash -which they did themselves. omg. They rock my face off.(did i just say that?) and seriously, it makes me worried about job security! ;)
  • i’m loving this podcast about our “calling” verses our “career”! In the Podcast the lady Bianca is interviewing is talking about her calling, how it is NOT easy, it is not some corporate job that she can just leave at work when 5 roles around, she says, “There is nothing convenient about taking up our cross and following Christ”. Inspiring AND convicting. Am I really living for a calling on my life? or am i trying to make a career?
  • While you’re at it, check out how much God LOVES YOU. buz-light-year style. {comeon- didn’t ya get that? – to infinity and beyond!}
  • speaking of LOVE – i adore finding little hearts all over the place. heart rocks? heart clouds? i love it when a little heart reveals itself to me and makes me smile. Like this sweet heart from an awesome coffee shop in Seattle:

thanks for putting up with all the random nonsense that goes on inside my head. :)

you’re the best.

just cause I love you.


I’m going to share more pictures of the macarons from Christmas.

look! every color is a different flavor flav!


o man. if I lived in downtown Seattle I’d be at Le Panier every. single. day.




{and yes. I’m pretty sure that we all gained like 200 calories just from drooling at those pretty things} You are SO welcome. :)

i know i know.

it’s been like forever. i think i went a little overboard with posting every day in October and i  was a little burnt out with talking. too much. so i needed some quiet space.

it’s been beautiful around here. the fall leaves are gorgeous {“gorge” as my little sista would say} and the weather has been perfectly reasonable. just lovely. anyway, i’m sitting here, enjoying the sun, the leaves, and my dog farting… {um, yea, did i just share that for the whole world to read? but seriously, i have no idea what he got into… it’s kinda scary} and i thought now would be the perfect time to share with you some of my latest “sweet finds” on pinterest!

{just click on the photos to go to the original link and see the sweetness!}


how about this beautiful hot chocolate??:

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

does that look delicious or what? and what about this chai mix? as a lover of chai tea, especially the spicey stuff, i’m thinking i’m going to have to try this. or at least make it for my sister who shares my adoration for the stuff.


this Christmas wreath is so awesome!  LOVE it!

then there’s these directions on how to make your own:

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

the last “sweet find” i’ll leave you with is this beautiful, totally awesome herringbone flooring.

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

sigh. some day…

keep on dreaming. :)

xo-kimberly renee

A few weeks ago, we attended a lecture given by Maya Lin at Princeton University. (one of the perks of living in a university town) She is the architect who has did the Vietnam memorial and has done quite a few other memorials. Her work is beautiful. Talk about an artist who was just in the right place at the right time- did you know she was still in grad school when her class designed memorials and she entered hers in the Vietnam Memorial design contest! How’s that for lucky? But seriously, her work is beautiful.

She went on during the lecture to explain how she’s started an “online memorial” of sorts. It’s called the “What is Missing? Foundation”  The online memorial is a website that pays tribute to all the recorded extinct species around the world. There’s a giant map that has little “memories” or points around the world you can click on and read about what is extinct there. You can also “view in time” and see when species became extinct. There are videos and images and sound tracks.
  This website is totally fascinating. As well as totally sad.

Go check it out!