This is where I’m keeping track of my 31 days of artfully letting go!

intro: 31 days of artfully letting go

day 1: pray a verse

day 2: doodle

day 3: journal a song

day 4:  blind drawing

day 5: give yourself grace

day 6: sketch

day 7:  make a mess

day 8: have fun

day 9: take a vacation

day 10: do something with your hands

day 11: background making

day 12: paint a prayer

day 13: tutorial-make a love poster

day 14:  take a shower: i’m not even joking.

day 15: go mono

day 16: trace something

day 17: make a mood board

day 18: don’t be discouraged!

day 19: pumpkin carving

day 20: organize

day 21: grace

day 22: photoshop for fun

day 23: change something

day 24: take a picture

day 25: eat, drink and be merry (with friends!)

day 26: cup of tea + prayer

day 27: keep a painting simple

day 28: imperfect art journaling

day 29: thankful walk

day 30: finding peace

day 31: