The puporse of this blog is to DREAM


D – design.

Design with me. we’ll explore why design is important in my & our lives. Design is apparent every day.  If only we’d open our eyes! most times we don’t notice.  I really want to try to notice more… & we might even try designing a few things!


R – rediscover.

Rediscover with me the everyday joys of life. and to be reminded of God’s glory and power through the little discoveries of life. even if i have to rediscover because i’m so dense that i forget sometimes


E- enjoy.

Enjoy with me God’s gifts in each others’ lives. here I will attempt to share “sweet finds” or showcase other artist and designers who have awesome ideas.  what jOy they bring to all of us! :)

 may we also ENCOURAGE each other as we enjoy each other’s gifts.


A- art.

Art.  i ADORE art. i live for aRt. i love seeing everyone else’s art. and i LOVE making arT!

so you might see a little bit of it from time to time… just warning you.  :-p


M- meditations.

Meditate. ok. this might be a little hard for me.

i mean i love yoga and all, but that’s not what i mean by this.

i just want to remind myself to be brave to share my heart.

I’m just being honest. But that is what this part of the blog is about. I want to be honest with you about what is real in my life.  sometimes i mess up. sometimes i forget things, sometimes i’m just plain dumb. please forgive me. and allow a little grace. as i try to allow a little grace for myself.

this part of the blog is seriously just about being honest with you and sharing my life &  heart!  hopefully you’ll share a little of yours too.


Thanks for joining me in this little adventure to dream!