big brother

puppycakes is just too cute all the time. he doesn’t really know what the sign says. haha. little does he know that he isn’t going to be a spoiled only child for too much longer! 15 weeks boy


so for those of you who have been wondering why it’s been extra quiet around this blog lately…

well… let’s just say the first trimester wore me out! i didn’t really have energy for much at all. Husbuddy was the sweetest to put up with me-especially during the move to Lancaster!  {i’m hoping that as the second trimester gets into full swing i will have more energy because i have big plans and a few big changes coming to this place!}

SO, we have our little Sweet Pea coming in December!

we are very excited to share the news with you today, but i think our mom’s are more excited than we are to spread the news. we told them they had to wait to announce on facebook until we did…hee hee. we’re big ol’ bullies, i know. so yay! now they can brag about being grandmas to their hearts content. :)

we have had an ultrasound and it was so amazing to see Sweet Pea dancing away. it didn’t really seem REAL until that moment. it was crazy!

we feel incredibly blessed and excited. life is a beautiful thing!! 12,14,15