in case ya haven’t heard, there was a little snow storm in New England the last few days. here are a couple pictures from our adventures::

this is what our front door revealed when we woke up this morning… snow coming through! good thing we have a little “vestibule” to stop the snow there!

husbuddy was astounded at the snow drifts: note you can’t even see the front of our car…nemo2

our cute house with snow drifts up to our shoulders:nemo3 puppycakes loves to play in the snow:nemo4 but he doesn’t like the cold wind so much: nemo5

it was fun to walk around our little neighborhood. look at this path! puppycakes may have marked it a couple of times… but overall i think he thought it was pretty sweet:nemo6 our car before some nice, neighborly teenages with a snow-blower stopped by:nemo7 puppycakes deciding he had enough playing in the snow because his feet were cold: nemo8

{don’t worry, puppycakes got a good grooming and nice blow-drying to warm him up!}
and i love this picture of puppycakes tuckered out:nemo9

thank goodness we haven’t lost power and our house is nice and toasty. i love snow days:)