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yesterday we read the Lord’s Prayer. did you have any thoughts about it? have you ever stopped to consider what you are actually saying?! i know that i have to make a conscious effort to think about it. so lets walk through it a little. i am not a theologian so i do not claim to know that much… but i’ll share what i do understand and hopefully that will encourage you to do some research and see what else you can find.
before we start going through the verses from yesterday lets look a couple of verses back. i am looking at Matthew 6:5-8. Jesus gives us some hints. He says, (paraphrased) don’t be like the hypocrites. they like to stand in the public places like the synagogues and pray aloud for everyone to hear. they like to be seen and respected for their fancy prayers. don’t be like them- Jesus says they’ve already received their reward. the reward from everyone else looking up to them and thinking that they must be holy because they have fancy shmancy prayers.
then Jesus says, don’t be like the Gentiles. he says that they think that if they just say enough, use big words, and repeat their needs over and over they will be heard. Jesus says that the Father already knows our needs before we ask them! so don’t think that if you just ask a certain way or so many times it makes your prayers better.
nope, Jesus says to go into your room, by yourself, and shut the door and pray in secret. it minds sounds funny to have to be secret about your prayers… doesn’t it? but i think what he’s saying is that your relationship with God is just between you two. no one else needs to know. there are definitely places where it is important to pray with others, but to have a true friendship with God we need to have some quality one on one time :)

Gosh. that alone seems like a lot to think about! maybe we’ll talk about more of the prayer tomorrow … today think about your heart behind your prayers. are you like the hypocrites or Gentiles? do you make enough quality time, one on one, with your Abba, Daddy? i know that this is a convicting question for me!

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