i just wanted to give you a little reminder that the 25% off code for my etsy shop only lasts until the end of this month! you can use the code on anything in miss grace designs but one of the most popular items is the rendering of your home.

renderings make the perfect christmas gift for parents! :)* wink wink, hint hint*

when i gave my mom this rendering she started crying.

our houses are homes because of the memories we’ve created in them. when i think of “home” it’s not necessarily the house that i grew up in, it’s the family and memories that happened there. i think she started crying because the renderings of her house were artistic renditions of the memories that happened there.

i gave her a set of 3 renderings, printed on nice paper and framed. my parents recently built this house so the renderings were little glimpses of the future memories that will happen there. check out more information about the renderings here



right now i’m working on a rendering for a friend’s family’s cabin on a lake. i’m thinking this would be wonderful to print on cards or to send out little prints to everyone in her family!

last year, some people had me work on renderings for the house they grew up in and missed, or for all the houses that they’ve lived in as a married couple, or a house that their husband built and just finished this year… these were awesome gifts.

maybe you can think of someone who would love this gift too?

xo-kimberly renee