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last weekend, sweet Husbuddy preached about prayer.  you can listen to his sermon here if you want.  {nope, it was not planned for us to be both thinking about prayer at the same time, it just happened! kinda funny, huh?!}

i was struck in his sermon when he talked about how Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den because he prayed. because he was faithful in his relationship with God and would not stop praying just because King Darius wanted to be worshiped instead of God. in fact, he openly continued to be faithful in prayer even after the king signed an edict that only king Darius could be prayed to. Daniel prayed to God even though it was  forbidden.

“…he went to his house where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before God, as he had done previously.” Dan. 6:10

this story makes me wonder if i would have the guts, the strength, even the desire, to continue to pray to my God faithfully if i didn’t live in a free a country. how easy do we have it? it’s not illegal for us to pray. yet how often do we do it? i take for granted the freedom we have and i do not live as someone so in love with my God that i HAVE to pray consistently.

and what would happen if it was suddenly (and oddly) illegal? would i shy away from my relationship with God because of a law?

or what if we DO live in a time when prayer is considered strange? in our time in history when people send “good thoughts into the atmosphere” and “happy feelings” and “well wishes” for people who are truly in need? how dare someone say to you that they’re praying for you? that’s just not politically correct.

this story of Daniel kinda makes you think, huh?