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so did ya think about it? think about why we pray?

my personal assessment is that we pray to grow closer to God. God asks us to pray to Him because He wants to be in communion with us. He wants us to know Him deeply and personally.

“You shall be my people, and I will be your God” Jer. 30:16

God repeats that phrase over and over again in Jeremiah and all throughout the old Testament. His desire is for us to know Him and for Him to know us. How beautiful is that?

think about it.

we have friends. some of whom we spend a lot of time with and some that we hardly ever see. i’d bet that your closest friends are the ones that you talk with. the ones you get real with and open yourself up to. the friends who know your deepest fears and who listen to you when you’re crying about the same thing you have a hundred times before. these friendships only occur when you’ve invested time in them. when you’ve opened yourself up to them. you have to be vulnerable to them for them to be vulnerable to you.

it is similar with God. HOW can we expect to know Him if we don’t spend time praying? talking to him? opening ourselves up to Him?

Relationships take time. and my relationship with God is THE most important relationship in my life. why am i not taking the time of any normal relationship and spending it with Him??