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guys! check out this photo of our feet in the sand! 

i just noticed that there are stars in it. :) my favorite little surprise. some people don’t like pictures that have any sun glare in them, but i love it. it’s like a little sun kiss that sneaks in and surprises you!  hee hee. 

ok, so the real purpose for this post is to share with you my idea for the 31 days in October blog series! Last year i took The Nester  (and a few other amazing bloggers)up on her dare to figure out something to blog about for 31 days. i blogged about “artfully letting go” about a year ago exactly, i wrote about what my purpose behind this blog series was, feel free to check it out.

this year, i’m feeling overwhelmed and so busy with everything on my plate. but i also feel far away… from friends, from family, and most importantly from God. So this year, it is my goal to take a small step every day to learn about… and practice… prayer.

Romans 12:12 says:

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

and 1Thessalonians  5:17 literally only has 3 words:

“pray without ceasing”

you guys, i’m seriously pathetic at praying. i really wish i was better at it. i wish i was more consistent, thoughtful, faithful… but the bible calls us to be consistent. to be constant. to pray without ceasing. what does that mean? how can i get better?

 this October, i’m hoping to look at different ways of praying {and i’m hoping that i can come up with enough ideas to fill 31 days… eek! ha} and i’m hoping to learn to be faithful in prayer.

i hope you’ll join me with learning how to get on our knees…

xo-kimberly renee


hey friends!

just wanted to share with you that i have a new button…

over there on the left of this page…

it is pretty self explanatory…

i know i’ve said before, but  i’ve been working on lots of ideas for tutorials and i’d like to share them with you as i come up with them…and if you’ve ever missed any, you can always click on that button and it will take you to my new tutorials page!

i hope you click on it & check it out! :)

{and hopefully one day it will be prettier! i’ll work on that, mm-k?!}

xo-kimberly renee

apparently i missed last tuesday. oh well.

today’s sketch is a color sketch. i took one of my favorite old photos and sketched it with… water-colored-pencils and water-color-crayons. say what? those are kids’ tools, yo. but i did it anyway. it was a nice a change of pace.

first i started with a light outline of my image.

i picked an old photo from our trip to yellowstone about 6 years ago. how young we look!



then i played with the color pencils and crayons by either dipping them in water to draw with the tips wet or drawing and then using a brush with water afterwards.

you can see i didn’t get the proportions or perspective quite right, but it was just a 15 minute sketch after all… just a little time to think and draw…and color…

and here’s the completed sketch:


used any colored pencils or crayons recently?! ;) well maybe you should. you can find the water-color-pencils  and the water-color-crayons {pastels} when you click on the links if you want to play practice with them yourself!

enjoy! :)



10 little thoughts about the past couple of days::

  1. my first test is done! it was a little  ok a lot scary. mostly just the first 15 minutes… when i arrived at the testing site i had to put my stuff in a locker. i asked if i could bring in water. the guy looked  at me like i was crazy! nope. can’t bring anything in with you to take the test. well, apparently i’m a dumbo because i had chapstick and two kleenex in my pocket. when it was my turn to sign in, the lady made me turn out my pockets. oh boy, did i get a look…”mam, you’re not allowed to take ANYTHING in with you.” not even chapstick? i lick my lips when i’m nervous! ha. nope. i’m the dummy. so then she had to wait for me to go back to my locker to put the chapstick away. haha, as if i wasn’t nervous already. then… guess what she did. patted me down and scanned me with a metal detector. seriously?! i mean, seriously? am i going through TSA security to be able to take this test? then the test part happened. i’d rather not talk about that part.
  2. well… i guess i kinda do want to talk about it… i mean, just to complain a little. but i’d say that i’ve got a 59.99998% chance of passing. not because i didn’t study. nope, i’ll tell you, i stuuuuu-died. nope, just because the writers of the silly little architectural test decided that it was more important to test my skills at knowing random little facts that weren’t even in the study guide. anywhere. {i checked} so… be warned. apparently if you’re going to become an architect… you have to know everything
  3. to be an architect :: just know everything in the world.  how hard can that be?
  4. in other news, we took Puppycakes to the beach this past week. he LOVED it. he thought he was in heaven! his only complaint was that we didn’t trust him off the leash yet.
  5. we figured out why there are no dog parks on the whole of Cape Ann:: as of Sept.15 dogs are allowed on the beach. we came to the beach in the afternoon because we were so excited to let Puppycakes run around, but it turns out, so did the rest of Gloucester! beach=dog park in the winter. 
  6. daddy dearest, you would be proud, we’re making tamales. from scratch! i’ll let you know how it turns out… so far i’ve started cooking the pork and i’ve soaked the corn husks that we ordered on Amazon from Mexico… apparently people in this lovely city don’t make their own tamales because dried corn husks were no where to be found at the grocery. Husbuddy actually got laughed at last weekend at Market Basket for asking for dried corn husks… laughed at. how rude can people be? seriously? haven’t you ever heard of making something from scratch? the guy at M.B. suggested we buy some corn on the cob and dry it ourselves… then walked away laughing to himself. well, at least he found it hilarious. we did not. and since Husbuddy’s allergies include eating too much corn, we decided to go home and just buy it online. like any civilized person in this generation would do. yup. we’re the reason small businesses are loosing business because we’re buying stuff online. but seriously, just have some dried corn husks in your aisle and you wouldn’t be loosing our business.  {to be fair, market basket is a rather big establishment so i’m not worried about them}
  7. apple-pear pie was made this afternoon. i guess that means it’s fall. oh summer, i miss you already! i made pie to try to get in the mood for fall. and to use the apples. {and because Husbuddy has been begging for weeks… he’s been in the fall mood since August.} i’m trying to make myself be happy about the cooler weather…
  8. in even other news:: we have an attack squirrel. i’m so not even joking. Husbuddy is still shaken up about it. he literally jumped over to Puppycakes this afternoon and tried to attack him. Husbuddy picked up Puppycakes and ran back our doorway to tell me about it. while i was looking at him like he was a little crazy… the squirrel bounded over and tried to go at Puppycakes again! Husbuddy screamed and i opened the door quickly to let them in. Then… the squirrel started scratching at our door! trying to get in! eek. now it’s sitting outside on guard… just waiting for us to come out. is it insane that visions of giant-squirrel-like-monsters are in my head?! well i’m pretty sure that’s what this little thing is going to become the minute we step outside.
  9. dear world, i won’t be exiting out that door any time soon. maybe we’ll have to have more food delivered to us. 
  10. i can’t believe i have 6 more tests to take. {back to the books!}

hi friends.

if you know me, you know that i’m quiet and a little shy. i’m an introvert. you know that in large crowds i usually am not the one talking. even growing up, my sisters took care of the talking… i just enjoyed laughing with them. :) as an introvert, sometimes i find it hard to market myself and my art on the blog. even when i do, i cringe and hate putting it out there.

i feel that way about sharing so much of my faith too. it’s hard to be open and honest on this blog when i’m someone who would rather just be a quiet wall flower. but there’s a part of me that really just wants to share with you a carefully thought out idea, or a very loved piece of an art, or a little piece of my soul. and i do that because i feel that everything i do should glorify the God who gave me this heart, these gifts, and these way too many thoughts. :)

so today, it’s hard for me to write this. i’ve actually had this written for a couple of weeks but i keep putting it off. i get so nervous just thinking of posting this. but i want to share something with you that i think you might like. and i hope that you would love it if you would bring it into your home or use it as a gift for a loved one.

see, last christmas i had way too many orders for my architectural renderings in december. these are hand-drawn, unique, one of a kind gifts, so of course everyone who bought one wanted theirs rushed!! it was the perfect gift for a wife, a husband, a new home owner, a friend moving away…

but friends… i kind of lost my mind. each one of these takes a couple of days to make! once i finish drawing and rendering it, i scan it in and email you the jpeg. then you can print it off at any size you want, you could make them small for cards or print off a large one to frame. i loved doing each one, i’m just saying it was all a little stressful to do with just days before Christmas.

i also had people who wanted custom paintings, rushed! seriously… custom. paintings. rushed.

did they hear themselves? haha. that’s not even fair. i shouldn’t have said yes in the first place, i was out of my mind saying yes to everyone! i loved each one though. some people wanted their favorite fruit of the spirit. another wanted the names of their two daughters “grace and joy” on two different canvases for his wife (awe!!) and then that one brown pslam canvas was awesome (that i totally want for MYSELF). i’ve never been so busy and it was really fun!

but, in an effort to plan ahead, for my sanity and yours, i want you all to think of who would love a custom house rendering or painting this Christmas. yup, i’m asking you to think about this… in September. or at least by the end of October. ;) and as a gift to you, i’m going to give you 25% off if you order by October 31!! just use this coupon code at check out:

thanks and merry christmas in september, friends! :)


kimberly renee

yesterday you saw one of my new paintings featured in that frame i made.

obviously, if you’ve been around here a while you’ve seen some of my renderings. well, i have been trying to do some houses with paint lately instead of just markers! it’s been fun and different. i thought it’d be fun to make a set of paintings that include my rendering style with some of my favorite verses. what do you think?

i have 2 with this same verse. i love this verse. it is a declaration of love for God. it is a declaration i make boldly with love.

i love featuring this verse in my home. how about you? would you like to have a copy of this painting with this verse in your home?

well, now you can. i have set it up so you can purchase a pdf file in my etsy shop and then print it from home! that way you can print as many copies as you want, you can give them as gifts… and you only have to buy it once. :) to purchase this printable go to my shop HERE.

when you purchase it, you’ll get an email from me with the pdf to print. {obviously, your version won’t have the watermark on it!} how easy is that? then all you have to do is print, frame(optional!) and hang! now we all can proclaim boldly and beautifully that in our house, we will serve the Lord.

xo-kimberly renee.

there have been a million varieties of today’s tutorial, but i’ll show you my version anyway. :) i love Ashley Ann’s version with wire. or if you’d like you can find other versions here and here. or you can even get a make-your-own kit from etsy! but i wanted to keep it simple. i didn’t want to overcrowd the frame because i love the beauty of the frame itself. and i wanted the ability to change things around if i got bored with it in the future.

i started out with a frame that was destined for the trash. i found it at a garage sale, paid 5$ for it with an ugly painting inside, promptly took it home, threw away the painting and spray painted the frame. i then hung it up over some pretty paper and thought about how much i need to do this project.

but that’s how it sat for months.

i loved the texture of the frame and how my spray paint job wasn’t perfect.  i loved how big it was.

it’s practically falling apart though. and the hangers on the back of the frame aren’t level so i have to put the nails in the wall at an angle… a little quirky. but that’s ok. :)

it has been hanging here, in the kitchen in a funky little corner since we moved. it’s the perfect spot to display things.

so, i decided it was time to do this.

you need::

  • an awesome frame (spray painted)
  • some string
  • a couple of nails and little eye hooks(unless you’re lazy like me and just use what you have)
  • some paint
  • clothespins
  • paintings or pictures to hang.

as you can see, i didn’t go for perfect. and i didn’t go for multiple strings like some of the other tutorials i linked to. they look awesome, but i just wanted the simplicity of one. and then i used my awesome-imperfectly-painted clothespins to hang a couple of my favorite pictures, an old key and a new painting! {more on that tomorrow!} obviously, i’m sure you can get a lot more creative. i’ve seen some beautiful washi-tape or paper covered clothes pins or even way better painted ones… which maybe i’ll work on sometime when i’m bored with these ;)

i love it. it brings new life to a funky old frame and it’s just a unique way to display photographs and art.

do you have any old frames that you’re going to clothesline? ;)

xo-kimberly renee.

my one word for 2012 was “contentment.” i blogged about it here back in January if you want to see my thoughts. i wasn’t sure where this word would lead. i honestly thought i’d talk about it more too. i guess since it’s a hard word, i haven’t been quick to talk about it… {shy glance}…so i thought i’d give a 9-month update.

contentment has been THE word of the year. no doubt about that. from not knowing where we were moving when we started the year, to Husbuddy deciding to do one more year of schooling at Gordon Conwell Seminary. from being sad about leaving friends, to all the adventures moving to a new city and new culture. from missing friends and family, to being thankful for those friends and family.  from being lonely in a new place, to learning how to be best friends with each other again.  from feeling without purpose to seeing God provide in more ways than i can count.

this has been a year that has so far tested my ability to be content.

but that was kinda the point.

i can’t be content on my own.

i need God for that. God needs to be MY contentment. He needs to be MY everything. i am nothing without Him. i can’t depend on my own ability to be happy and satisified. like i said before, contentment is a gift from God. i need to accept that gift now, 9 months later, more than ever.


here’s another verse on contentment:

 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:5

that’s even kind of what i talked about last week from Luke. it all connects, right? ;)

i’m still on the journey of learning to be content:: with what i have, where He’s placed me, and who i am… and the fact, that God will never leave me nor forsake me. i have no need to worry about anything. but even as i say that, it’s like i have to pound it into my brain. it’s a journey. maybe the next couple of months i will find more rest in the gift of contentment…or maybe i have a lot more to learn.

xo-kimberly renee.

i got the new anthropology catalogue today. the perfect inspiration for a little sketch! :) it’s good practice too.


speaking of practice… i hate that saying, “practice makes perfect.” i really hate it. and really,  most likely practice does not perfect make you. your own  perfect is going to be different from someone else’s perfect. who has the right to judge if you’re perfect? and you can always get better at something…even when you’ve practiced it a lot.  so don’t mind me when i roll my eyes when you say that.

off to practice.  ;)


last night our beloved grandpa hank passed away.

it was almost a relief from the difficulty and pain of the last few weeks, so we are thankful for the peace brought but very sad today. there are lots of tears around here.

Husbuddy wrote a touching post over on his blog if you’d like to go check it out. it’s beautifully written and it might make you cry, just a warning.

we love you grandpa. you are so very missed.   my favorite memories include laughing with him, playing games, his hugs,  his jokes, and him teaching me and my sister how to hit a golf ball.  grandpa, we’ll think of you often with a smile.