yesterday we went for a walk down on Niles Beach.

Puppycakes LOVED every minute of running up and down the beach, sniffing the seaweed and snails, and sitting on the rocks.

Let Puppycakes show you our walk through these pictures. He’d be happy to do this all day!

it was starting to get stormy, but it was still so peaceful. the view of Gloucester Harbor is nice. because of the poor weather there weren’t very many people enjoying the beach. which meant we could just explore. 

it was really fun to walk through the sand and rocks and mud.

and check out all of those snails!

watching the waves on a warm rock with the breeze flowing through your hair is nice.

this look is saying, if you’d only put down the camera and pet me, life would be perfect.


but life is still pretty perfect. let’s take walks like this every day!