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My typical Fridays are now not very much fun. I have a bunch of tests to take for my architecture license and it is my goal to get them done this year. So every Friday and Saturday now looks like this::


Lots of studying!! It’s hard to get back in the studying rhythm after being out of school for three years… And even harder on my Friday…. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! ;)
good thing I have puppy cakes to keep me company since he insists on sitting behind me on the chair.


obviously i took a ton of photos on that trip to the Vineyard… in case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, you can click HERE.

but here are a few more favorites from our adventures :)

yup, we road a tandem bike. yup we sat on the porch on cute little torquoise rocking chairs. and yup, we went to the beach a couple of times. we only stayed one night but it was magical. :)

thanks Pam and Doug for spoiling us!!

this month has been stock full of adventures. this past week we had my in-laws visiting. it was a wonderful time, lots of beach time, lots of great food and even better company. one of my favorite things we did while they were here was visit Martha’s Vineyard.

do you even know how beautiful it is there??!!

i had no idea.

drop dead gorgeous. the architecture is colonial and just breath taking. the flowers are blooming. the picket fences are perfectly white. you are on an island and it feels like a different kind of paradise. no wonder there were a million yachts in the harbor. this is where the rich and famous visit. we felt out of place and we just kept gasping and ooo-ing and awe-ing.

yup. we were those tourists that the rich and famous are embarrassed by. ;) hee hee.

for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this little photo-show of architectural snapshots from around Edgartown:




these pictures can not even begin to describe the beauty that we found there… but maybe it will inspire you as much as i’m inspired by them!

whew! it’s been one of those days where you come back to work from vacation and you wish you could go back to vacation just to catch up from your vacation.

yes that was all one sentence.

oh man. so tonight i tried to take a chill pill and sketch from one of my vacation pictures. to pretend i was there again and try to catch up on some of that rest. this is a gate is from a beautiful place that i will plan on sharing with you soon. i thought  this gate was beautiful and inviting. some day, maybe, i can have a beautiful gate in my front entry, inviting people into my someday home!

for now i’ll pretend that i actually walked through the gate into an inviting home…{ instead of being a peeping tom-girl and just poking my head over the gate and staring with jaw dropped… hee hee}

One of the most peaceful things in the world is walking along the beach. Why is that?

After a long day of work or school it’s the perfect remedy for both us. And puppy cakes LOVES it.

Footprints in the sand is one of my favorite new daily things.

I’m thankful for this gift that is part of our new “normal” :)

It was one of those weeks that the sketch book didn’t open until this evening.



So this one is just a quick one from a picture on my phone… Done in the car… It kind of looks a little like the picture, right? Just a little.

last week Husbuddy was gone home visiting with family. he left me alone to do some exploring around town by myself.

 here are some images of the adventures puppycakes and i had by ourselves::

first there was the docks that are down at the bottom of our street. we walked there a couple times a day.


puppycakes didn’t notice that the seagulls were watching him so intently… they were on every single pier just watching him. it was hilarious.

i don’t know why it’s so memorizing to see the water and the boats.

we also found a new “park” that had a path to these cliffs. definitely have to come back here with Husbuddy!


i’m sure puppycakes won’t mind getting to come back. :)

he was just so happy to be on a “hike”

my attempt at a self portrait.

then we walked along a memorial walk downtown. we hadn’t done that yet, so i just went with puppycakes. lots of other people had their dogs out too.

this seems to be a famous statue… i’ve seen a lot of paintings of it. it makes me tear up. kind of amazing that this little town has been around since 1623! {yes, i know a million other places have been around so much longer! but it’s kinda cool to live in a town with so much history!}

and that so many people have died in their ships!


and all the wives and children who lost their daddies and lovers to the ocean. it makes you contemplative and sad to really think about how the ocean ruled the lives of so many in this town. being from Colorado i’ve always been completely oblivious from this kind of life.


and puppycakes is just  happily oblivious.

i think puppycakes misses how much attention he got when husbuddy was gone! haha. but oh boy are we glad he’s back. :)








today marks the 6th year since our wedding day. i can’t believe it’s been 6 years! on one side it feels like it’s been way longer. we’ve had way too many adventures for 6 years. ;) on the other side it feels like we’re still barely newly weds, learning how to love each other on a daily basis.

i just heard this song on one of Husbuddy’s playlists the other day. i’ve been listening to it over and over.  i think it describes this thing called marriage perfectly. can i share it with you? it’s called  “dancing in minefields” {go ahead, click on the link and listen to the official video, it’s a beautiful song).


a couple lyrics that stick out and seem to be speaking about our marriage personally:

“…everyone said we were much too young, but we did it anyway…”

“…we went dancing in the mine fields, we went sailing in the storms and it was harder than we dreamed, but i believe that’s what the promise is for…”

“‘i do’ are the two most famous last words, the beginning of the end”

“but to loose your life for another i’ve heard is a good place to begin, because the only way to find a life is to lay your own life down and i believe it’s an easy price for the life we have found”

“this is harder than we dreamed, but that’s what the promise is for.”

” so when i loose my way, find me. when i loose loves’ chains, bind me… at the end of all my faith, to the end of all my days, when i forget my name, remind me…”

“we bear the light of the son of man, so there’s nothing left to fear”

“i’ll walk with you in the shadow lands until the shadows disappear, cause He promised not to leave us, and his promises are true”

“…so in the face of all this chaos, baby i can dance with you.”

“so lets go dancing in the mine fields, go sailing in the storms…”

“this is harder than we dreamed, but that’s what the promise is for.”


isn’t that a beautiful song?! i love that it talks about the reality that marriage is hard. this summer, we feel like it’s been especially hard. is it ok to be honest here? moving was hard on us and our marriage. being in a new place where we know no one after being surrounded by so many friends in jersey, has been hard. husbuddy being so sick this past year and still trying to figure the gf/df stuff all out, is hard. trusting that God knows what He is doing with our life as we start another year of schooling without much income… is hard.

but this song reminds me that we have to work at it every day. it’s like dancing in minefields. it’s hard and seems impossible. but, our marriage is so worth it and the promise that we made to each other is there.  the promise that Christ made to us, is there and true.

it’s a beautiful dance, and baby, i choose to dance it with you. to my sweetheart and husbuddy, Happy Anniversary!

with all my love, kimberly renee.

{all images copyright by Beth Bennett!}

i’m counting this as 2 sketches. it’s actually 4 so i think that’s fair.  last week was way too busy to get one done, but this week it feels like i’ve been painting and sketching up a storm! …evidenced even by my verse of the day sketchy post on sunday.

anyway, i’m working on some cards so these are little colored sketches that will go on the front of the cards:

i really like the one with the girl and her dog. it makes a cute card:

i hope the recipient likes it as much as i do. ;)



i’ve finally reopened my etsy shop after the move! the reason it took so long is because there have been a few changes. :)

i’ve renamed it “miss grace designs” by kimberly renee

miss grace designs comes from a childhood nickname. see, i am a klutz. during my first year of college i calculated that i fell up or down every single staircase on campus… at least once. i’m not even joking. when i was little, my mom used to call me “miss grace” whenever i spilled something, tripped, knocked something over, or did something klutzy. it was so embarrassing. but looking back, it’s just who i am.

i used this name because grace doesn’t just mean graceful in action {the definition being: Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.”}– it also means: “A favor rendered by one who need not do so” or “unmerited favor” or “the free gift of God”.  i have the free gift grace of God in my life so i must share that grace. all the things in my shop are just things that i must share with the world. i’ve made them by the grace of God, and i pray that everything i do give glory to God. so, the title has changed.

the old listings are still there and i have so many plans for new ones to come. i’ll keep you posted! thanks for checking out my little slice of etsy!

xo-kimberly renee.