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well, it was kind of a hike. more of a pretty walk around the closest state park. Halibut State Park is right here. and right around the corner from where we live!

as you can see, Puppycakes LOVED it.

it started out on a pretty little path through a forest.







then we went past a pretty lake that was created by a quarry. it was kind of cool to see the lake with the ocean in the background.  i can imagine that it would be a pretty awesome place to swim {which is why there were “no swimming” signs at every path}

then we walked down some rock paths to the ocean.

apparently that is New Hampshire and Maine in the distance! crazy!


Husbuddy was wearing his fancy hat. he got some awesome looks because people thought he was a foreigner. haha.

puppycakes loves walking on the rocks. loves looking at the ocean. loves jumping from rock to rock. loved everything about this hike. this was pretty much his favorite thing. ever.

this face cracks me up!

it was just too cute how happy he was.

he thought that maybe he would try to walk through the little ponds of water, but then decided he’d rather avoid swimming. it was hilarious.

we had a lot of fun walking on the rocks too.

it was really peaceful  to just sit and watch the water come in and out. this would be the perfect spot for a picnic! {hint hint}

it was a nice hike. a lot shorter than we had hoped. so we’ll have to go for a longer drive next time to get some real hiking in. :) it totally made Puppycake’s day though!