from the Puppycakes’ perspective:

Puppycakes loves that there are so many new trails to explore

he loves that the windows are lower and bigger than in the last apartment.

this means more things to see and more things to bark at. {which we’re working on… i promise, upstairs neighbors!}

Puppycakes loves that there is even a little patio and yard. his very own yard!

and on this patio there was even a celebration bbq for the 4th of july! doesn’t Puppycakes look like he’s celebrating?

he was just jealous of our bbq dinner and watermelon. Puppycakes loves watermelon.

he loves that there are so many rocks here to climb! can a puppycakes look any happier?

he especially loves the rocks down the road by the ocean.

he almost is camouflaged against them. i’m pretty sure this was the most fun he’s had in ages. this little shoreline along Atlantic Road is really very pretty.

Puppycakes is expecting a walk along this road every single day.

most of all, Puppycakes adores exploring with his absolute favorite person in the world. i adore exploring with him too, Puppycakes.

with all the newness, i think Puppycakes is adjusting to the move very well! it’s been pretty stressful around here, but thank goodness for this little guy who is just loving every new moment and the next adventure. :)