house tour buddies

It’s that time of year again! Yay for the awesome annual House Tour of Princeton! Remember last year? It was pretty inspiring. I have to say that this year wasn’t quite as inspiring… but it was still fun!

I’m so lucky to have a friend to drag along with me who loves exploring houses as much as I do! That, and we got so many comments about cute little Owen it was hilarious.

house 1

I also didn’t feel as comfortable about pulling out my camera this year because there weren’t as many people. Therefore, there are less pictures, so it’s not quite as exciting as LAST YEAR’s post.

house 2

This one wasn’t really “historical”. AT ALL. But they tried to claim that it was following the modernist ideals of the 40’s-50s. It was beautiful though. The details were amazing! It only had one “real corner” in the whole house! ha.

house tour buddies2

…and I’ve always got to take the opportunity to catch a cool dude showing off his shades…

house 3

This is the one we decided we’d move into. How cute is it?! Spanish Revival doesn’t really fit into the Princeton classical style… but oh well.

house back3

house tour buddies3house tour fountain

Owen was really fascinated by the fountain.

We also got to tour one of these:


which was cool, but not as fun as a historical house. Owen was also a little worn out by this time, so we decided to hurry through and then walk around downtown, because as long as we’re walking, O is happy.

little einstien

…and I couldn’t resist. Like dragging the poor dude to a bunch of houses and letting him get hit on by a bunch of old ladies, wasn’t enough… I had to put him through this new torture.

little einstien2

bahwahah. I love his grumpy face. Sorry bud! You can blame me and not your mother for this one when you’re older!