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well, it’s already 11 pm here! almost didn’t make it today! eek!!

Today’s “letting go” post just kept slipping away from me. I kept running out of time, couldn’t think of anything to say and I just had to “let go” of the fact that things just weren’t going my way! wow. Talk about a lesson in letting go. i just could not control it. :-p

so, i’m thinking it’s another good day to talk about grace. because i needed that grace today. let’s just take a moment to just breathe in a little bit more grace. i’m all about soaking in a big bathtub of grace right about now :) so here’s a little poem from my favorite devotional:


He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,

He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;

To added affliction HE addeth His mercies,

To multiplied trials His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted out store of endurance,

When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,

When we reach the end of our hoarded resources

Our Father’s full giving is only begun.

His love has no limit, His grace has no measure,

His power no boundary known unto men;

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus

He giveth and giveth and giveth again.

-Annie Johnson Flint- Streams in a Desert

thanks Annie for writing that beautiful reminder. and thanks be to God for His grace that is constantly holding me.

and thanks for understanding, friends!

in His grace-kimberly renee.

but we do things a little wonky around here.


when you hit a rut in creativity… organize.

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yup. you heard me. sometimes i just can’t get started. sometimes i’m in a complete fog as to what to do. it completly annoys me and then i walk away and don’t look at my art desk for weeks.

so when i feel the need to start again, sometimes i can’t get started until i organize.  organizing is another way of letting go because it’s methodical and helps you to organize your thoughts.

told ya this should have been day 1! doh!

to see some other people’s inspiring posts about organizing, check out these:

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and look what i just found::

for a whole “31 days” of organizing your home check out this blog: imperfect homemaking

love it!

off to organize a drawer.

seriously, that’s about all i can handle today. maybe this weekend you’ll find me organizing my whole home.

xoxo-kimberly renee

pumpkinschillaxinpumpkin othe three boys and momsworking hardworking hard2working hard3working hard4sillyjtserious convosharon and fluffballcandy

we had so much fun. and it was a great way to “let go” of all our cares and worries for a few hours in community together! :) if only we did things like this more often.


“The Devil has two very masterful tricks. The first is to tempt us to become discouraged, for then we are defeated and of no service to others, at least for a while. The other is to tempt us to doubt, thereby breaking the bond of faith that unites us with the Father. So watch out! Do not be tricked either way.”

-G.E.M.  Streams in the Desert


I thought this quote was poignant to this series.  Do not be discouraged in what you are doing. This series is about letting go of control. When you do that sometimes things go a way you don’t expect. Sometimes when things don’t go the way you want them to, you doubt that it’s working, you get discouraged and you try to take control back.

But really, when you let go of control and you give it to God, whose hands are bigger and better to handle it?


Thanks for joining me on my 31 days of artfully letting go!

sometimes a really fun way to let go of your thoughts is to just combine a bunch of the things you like or are thinking about, all into one place.

known as a mood board

we make them sometimes for a project at work, I wish we did them more often. I love the interior design ones that you can find all over the blog-world:

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{click on the pictures of mood boards to see where they are linked from}

I also love how big they can get:

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or how personal and simple they can be:

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I like to use mood boards when I start paintings… to get a feeling and color scheme going. Especially if the painting is for a friend that I know and love! It makes it feel more personal if I can come up with the mood of who I feel they are… this one is for a friend who had a baby this summer. When mister baby was born, my gift to her was a family painting. this is how I’m starting it!

mood board


But unlike a collage- where you try to fit everything you can on there. A mood board just gives a feeling and I may or may not include everything in the painting… it’s really just for inspiration

So here’s the start of the painting:


I used the 2nd background from this day, remember? then I added some of the elements but not all of them. I’m going to paint over it anyway, so I just wanted some of the patterns and textures.

I’m just hoping that I can keep more of the mood from the first image in this painting… it’s looking a little crazy at the moment :)


kimberly renee

it’s already day 16 of my “31 days of artfully letting go” !! eek!

to see more what we’ve done for the 31 days, go here for the full list:

for today’s letting go project, you’ll feel like you’re in 3rd grade again.

Trace something.


You heard me right. Yup, I know you haven’t done it in a thousand years, but it’s so good for your mind to follow the lines, to not have to worry about drawing it perfectly, and just to trace.


go old school, tape the picture to the window and tape another one over it! :) Then be proud of yourself like you were when you were in 3rd grade. hee hee. then laugh at how easy and fun it is. and let your mind wander as you trace those lines.


kimberly renee

make a collage using a monochromatic color scheme! just keeping to one color really helps keep the collage simple and cohesive.

it’s really fun to just pick things that match, pile them all together,


and then glue it all down to a canvas!


so easy and simple.  gotta love making collages! :)

one time in college I made a monochromatic collage by modge-podging a whole table with black and white photos from magazines. LOVE it! :)

go forth and collage, my friends!


kimberly renee

sometimes i’m too agitated or worked up to calm down enough to focus on art…

so when all else fails…


i take a hot shower.

and one day if i have a bathtub like this you’ll find me soaking in it:


just being honest, folks.


as you give yourself grace in this 31 days of letting go, I wanted to share a tutorial with you.

How to make a “Red Letters” canvas:


don’t worry, it’s super simple and so fun.


  • canvas
  • modge podge
  • old bible pages (I know, I know, I’m a seminary student’s wife and I’m tearing up old bibles… but come’on, we all have old bibles that we don’t use. There are a lot of good ways to share them with others, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to use them in art!)
  • stencils
  • red paint.
  • sand paper
  • antiquing stamps
  • dry cloth
How to make it:
  1. cover the canvas with pages. modge podge under and on top of the pages.
  2. let dry
  3. tape your stencil letters onto the canvas.
  4. paint the letters
  5. remove stencils before the letters dry. (very important!) clean up any smudges.
  6. let dry
  7. sand the whole thing. don’t worry about the pages pulling up.
  8. rub with antiquing stamps. rub with cloth to get off excess.
  9. paint over entire canvas with varnish.
  10. let dry
  11. done!
see? easy peesy. :)
but if it’s still too difficult, you could always buy mine: at my shop I have GRACE and LOVE.
Do you have another word to use? Let me know! I can make customized Red Letter Paintings too!

prayer for the little ones

sometimes it takes more than just writing it out. sometimes it takes more than a sketch. sometimes it takes the process and time of painting to get it all out and to find peace. 

let go, and let God hear your prayer today, my friends.

xo-kimberly renee