sometimes a really fun way to let go of your thoughts is to just combine a bunch of the things you like or are thinking about, all into one place.

known as a mood board

we make them sometimes for a project at work, I wish we did them more often. I love the interior design ones that you can find all over the blog-world:

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I also love how big they can get:

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or how personal and simple they can be:

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I like to use mood boards when I start paintings… to get a feeling and color scheme going. Especially if the painting is for a friend that I know and love! It makes it feel more personal if I can come up with the mood of who I feel they are… this one is for a friend who had a baby this summer. When mister baby was born, my gift to her was a family painting. this is how I’m starting it!

mood board


But unlike a collage- where you try to fit everything you can on there. A mood board just gives a feeling and I may or may not include everything in the painting… it’s really just for inspiration

So here’s the start of the painting:


I used the 2nd background from this day, remember? then I added some of the elements but not all of them. I’m going to paint over it anyway, so I just wanted some of the patterns and textures.

I’m just hoping that I can keep more of the mood from the first image in this painting… it’s looking a little crazy at the moment :)


kimberly renee