today’s post on “letting go” hopefully will inspire you to just to get paint everywhere and not worry about what it looks like.

you’re just going to make a background!

beginning the process

start with a couple complimentary colors. my favorites to start with are yellows and reds and then a little bit of purple. The reds and the yellows make orange and then the purple makes the colors really stand out. love it!


don’t worry about what it looks like. just spread the paint around.

add the complimentary color.


add some bubble wrap love. and maybe some stencils…

one thing I forgot to mention: when I work on a background, I actually work on two! I focus on one of them and then I use the leftover paint to make the 2nd one. I hate having extra paint on my brush to just waste, so I wipe it and spread the left overs on the 2nd piece. that way I have 2 backgrounds! and they’re totally different! one is orderly and focused, the other is a prefect mess.


the first one:

1st image

the second one:

2nd image

when I actually decide what to paint on these things, I’ll probably paint over it… but it’s a start! it’s so much easier to start painting on a canvas that is already messed up then it is to start a brand new painting on a blank one. so have fun! let go and get the paint out! :)