what’s the point of “letting go” of all the worries of the world if you’re just going to be all serious about it? i mean, seriously! while you’re at it, why don’t you have a little fun?

but i’m totally guilty of this. i get so caught up in everything that i “need” to do, i forget that i should enjoy the moment.

breathe it in.


have fun.

for today’s post i took an old picture that we had in our archives and edited it.  i tried to just enjoy the moment. i love to take photos and turn them into something better. it’s a weird little habit of mine to take something that’s perfectly ok and try to play with it and make it perfectly pretty.

see? the first picture is straight out of the camera= just ok. the second picture i’ve just played with a bit=a little better!

i know some people could make it so much more. but if you’re going to say that, just say that some people could have taken a way better picture to start with!  (but give me a break, this picture was from when we were still in Moscow, ID-4 years ago!)that’s not the point that i’m trying to make though. it doesn’t have to be perfect and amazing, what was important to me was just taking a few minutes to remember when we stood in that field. smelled the freshness of the air. soaked in that beautiful sky. and then trying to make the picture look like i remembered the feelings i had while i was there—that was just a little bit of “letting go” for me today. and having fun with the process :)

that’s what “artfully letting go” is about: finding peace in a little, focused, creative moment while enjoying the process.

if there’s something that you love to do, take a moment today and focus on just doing it. and enjoying it for a few minutes.

have fun, friends!

xo-kimberly renee