This is old school. for the 4th day in the 31 days of letting go series we’re going to do a drawing exercise. draw your hands. without looking at the paper.

This is a typical drawing exercise to practice really looking at your subject. you may not make a perfect drawing, but you’re studying your hand so intensely that you’re learning about your hand in a new way. you’re supposed to only look at your hands while you draw their outline-without looking at the paper.


it’s really cool to study your hands so carefully. Even though you don’t get perfect drawings, you get to study a little part of yourself that God created beautifully.  it’s a really peaceful way to focus on something.

and just so you know I DO have normal looking hands:


you don’t have to be an amazing artist to study your unique, God given attributes. it’s kind of cool to study your hands so intensely while giving thanks to the God who made them that way.