it’s been a while since there’s been any art on here. all summer it was,blah blah blah and vacation pictures :) Sorry guys!

so here’s my latest piece: Let go. Let God.

i know.  a little bit cheesy. :) but o well. it needed to come out. I needed to “let go” and ask God to work for me.

Speaking of letting go, i think i’m going to say something crazy here.

So, see… for the month of October I’m going to join these gals in doing 31 days of postings about one topic. They are rockstars.  There is going to be someone doing 31 days of Charming Imperfection, someone else doing 31 days of Photography Tips and someone else is doing 31 days of Inspired Holidays(and lots others!). I LOVED reading their “31 days” last year… and the group of women doing it this year invited everyone to join them if they wanted.

So I decided to join!

I’m going to post for 31 days about Artfully Letting Go.

It’s going to be hard. Talking about something for 31 days. That, and I have to define “letting go”

What does it mean to “let go”??  A year ago I wrote this post: HERE.  I explained how I made a piece of art to let go of my emotions and thoughts… to get it all out on paper. I am hoping that these 31 days I can explore all the different ways to “let go” through art and faith. I’m going to explore letting go of my controlling nature, let go of my expectations, let go of my desires, let go of who i think  i am… let’s see how far we can go in letting go…   I plan to sketch, pray, journal, pray, paint, and pray some more… hopefully I’ll get it through this thick scull of mine,  “let go” of who I am so that I can “let God” work through me.

I hope that you will join me for 31 days, I plan on having some tutorials and tips and some thoughtful experiences to share. I’m excited {and nervous} for this challenge! If you have any ideas, let me know!!

See you in October, friends! :)