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I just wanted to share with you some renderings from this summer:

There was this beautiful modern house from South Africa:

Then there was this cute suburban home for this person’s friend:

And just this last week there was this house that the girl bought for a gift for her mother:

I love hearing the stories behind each one.

#1 was a house that the couple built and never got to live in before they moved in.

#2 was a house that the friend was moving away from-now she has a little artistic reminder of her cute house in the suburbs!

#3 is a house that the mother is selling, her father built the house and the mailbox to match.

SO sweet! Each house is special and unique. Think of all the feelings everyone has of their “home”. How special is it that each one now has their own little artistic rendering to remind them of it! :) So a couple of things: it helps to have a good picture- see #1 gave me about a million pictures to work from, this helped SO much! I was also able to add those little side sketches of the front door and an interior shot of the kitchen. The more interesting the picture, the more interesting i can make the rendering.

The other day someone asked if I could do a skyline…her boyfriend loves the city they live in so she wanted the skyline rendered all artistic like and then she was going to blow it up really big and print it.  COOL idea! :) I’m going to practice a couple and then offer it in my etsy shop! Another person wants me to do some interior renderings. I’d love to so I’m going to start offering that too! :) Yay for people asking me for custom options! It makes me think in new and inspiring ways. It gets me excited about the art of rendering again!  So, if you have an idea of what you’d like, give a shout out!

Thanks for the love and for everyone who has bought a custom rendering! You’re the BEST! :) If you’d like more information check out this post and see my shop for more details.