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“Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land.” (1 Kings 17:7)“Week after week, with unwavering and steadfast spirit, Elijah watched the brook dwindle and finally dry up. Often tempted to stumble in  unbelief, he nevertheless refused to allow his circumstances to come between himself and God. Unbelief looks at God through the circumstances, just as we often see the sun dimmed by clouds or smoke. But faith puts God between itself and its circumstances, and looks at them through HIM.

Elijahs’ brook dwindled to only a silver thread, which formed pools at the base of the largest rocks. Then the pools evaporated, the birds flew away, and the wild animals of the fields and forests no longer came to drink, for the brook became completely dry. And only then, to Elijah’s patient and faithful spirit, did the word of the Lord come and say, “Go at once to Zarephath” (v.9)

Most of us would have become anxious and tired, and would have made other plans long before God spoke. Our singing would have stopped as soon as the stream flowed less musically over its rocky bed. We would have hung our harps on the willows nearby and begun pacing back and forth on the withering grass, worrying about our predicament. And probably, long before the brook actually dried up, we would have devised some plan, asked God to bless it, and headed elsewhere.

God will often extricate us from the mess we have made, because “his love endures forever”(1 Chron. 16:34). Yet if we had only been patient and waited to see the unfolding of His plan, we would never have found ourselves in such an impossible maze, seeing no way out. We would also mever have had to turn back and retrace our way, with wasted steps and so many tears of shame.

Wait for the Lord” (Ps. 27:14) Patiently Wait!”

-F.B. Meyer, found in Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman.

Shaw’s Cove is gorgeous! We spent our last full day here and it was full of::

some cool tide pools:

an amazing cove:

burying the cousin:

a happy husbuddy:

some body surfing perfected by my father-in-law:some amazing waves:

some more boogie boarding: {i even got to catch a wave or two!}

lots of water fun!

i just have to share some of the architecure of the island with you! one morning i just walked around the small island and took pictures of all the cute homes. i’m pretty sure people thought i was crazy. but i’m an architect! what can i say? these photos are going in my “inspiration folder”!

*click through the pictures below and pretend you’re walking along with me!*

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some pretty amazing houses, right? and i got tired after 2 or 3 streets! there was so much more eye candy that i totally missed! guess we’ll just have to go back to take some more pictures!

While the thermometer says 100 degrees outside, i’m inside dreaming of the beach. One day while in Balboa we went to Little Corona. It was so picturesque and the weather was perfect and the waves were nice and the sand even nicer. :)

i love taking shots from behind. here are the cousins headed to the beach. (yes, they made the littlest guy carry the boogie board!)

fuzz head.

hot stuff

the boys. so cute!!

I love getting action shots of the guys on their board. see the brother pushing him off… go Nick  go! You’re rockin’ this wave::

and yes, thank you bird for walking in between me, with the camera, and my subject…
good wave catch, Nick! o, hello, pretty bird!
and let me just say, these past few days all i’ve seen of my husbuddy are sad faces because it’s just too dang hot out…(and he loves to tell me about it… as if i didn’t already know :-p)
but looking at these pics makes me miss these faces!!
the concentration.the focus.
the amazement. (that he caught it?)
the joy!
oh the joy!so cute. glad you loved that sweetie. wish we could go there this afternoon!!
i’m almost done going through my California shots, i promise. :)
stay cool out there, friends!
xo-kimberly renee

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

-Dave Ramsey

i love me a well designed candy store…

don’t you?

This past week at Balboa was beautiful.

A time filled with family and sand and ocean and kayaking and rollerblading. It was also a time of remembering Grandma Phyl. Even though she’s my Husbuddy’s grandmother, in the short amount of time that I knew her, she became a grandmother to me. She loved me as a granddaughter in different and special ways from my own grandmothers and I always felt so much love by her. She is deeply missed.

In going through my photos from the past week, figuring out what would be good to share with you, I was struck with how so many of the photos are similar to ones from a few years back…

I went with Husbuddy to Balboa with his family 6 years ago. (I can’t really believe that I did that while we were dating… we’d only been dating for 7 months! Even more, I can’t believe that Husbuddy’s parents and extended family accepted me to join in on their family tradition before I was even a part of the family!)

Pam, me and Grandma Phyl in 2005

2005-going across the ferry to Newport Beach (o how young we look!)

ha. But it was a sweet time… and it’s just so funny to see the pictures compared to now:

Here we are at Fashion Island… 2005:future husbuddy trying to have a sexy smile(?) with the iconic hand-on-my-stomach-shot (what was that?? He did it all the time… you may notice)… 2011: Husbuddy a little more comfortable taking a picture… hee hee.

Pam and me at Fashion Island... yes, in 2011 we took pictures with other people too.

We apparently were just as dorky when we dated:

although we looked pretty cool rollerblading around the island: (although i did not roller-blade around in my swimsuit this time!! Does that make me less cool?)

And boating:

in 2005 we had access to a Sabot. This year we had access to a Kayak! Both times I think I did most of the work ;)



And the sweet cousins and grandpa: (just had to put this in lest you think we just took pictures of ourselves back in ’05) Look how small they were! And how handsome they’ve grown! :) hee hee. And Grandpa, handsomest of all.

Then what is interesting (to me at least) are all the pictures that we took in 2005 that we failed to document in 2011! It’s kind of sad actually, in years to come we’ll miss out on funny little moments from 2011 like these from 2005:

2005- Datenight

:-p I don’t have a single photo of Husbuddy and I from this trip! (a normal one that we didn’t take ourselves at least…) sad! But kind of interesting  and funny to compare :-p

2005- apparently i'm a goof.

and Husbuddy still has those shorts! And I still have my hair… (sorry, hunny!)

At least we did get a big group shot this time. I don’t have one from last time!


Good times.I’m so lucky and blessed to be a part of this family.

xoxo-kimberly renee.

mmm. Chocolate Covered Banana’s {ccb for short because you know, we all need little acronyms for everything. even banana’s.}

This is what I’m craving right about now:

When it’s hot and you want something like ice cream… but maybe even better…and with rainbow sprinkles…

try a frozen banana, baby, i’m telling you.


can’t you tell how much we’re enjoying them by the fact that both of our mouth’s are way too full to take a picture? {at least Riley looks more graceful then me… i get all of my grace from my mother. Just putting that out there}

oh man. oh man. I need to go find a napkin for all the drool right about now.

We got back from Balboa on Saturday.

You’d think I would be all caught up by now, but I’m still jet lagged from the 3 hour difference and desperately missing the beach.  My mother-in-law posted some pretty photos on her blog today that you can check out HERE.  These past few days I’ve been pending all my free time  reminiscing about the beach while going through the photos. In the meantime I thought I’d share one of my favorite quotes from the week:

Setting the scene:

We were walking along downtown on our way to get one of our favorite deserts: Balboa Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas {dipped in rainbow sprinkles-ya, you know me :)}. SO yummy!! On the way there, Husbuddy was walking alongside Grandpa. There were a lot of people out walking their cute little dogs…

Grandpa, “look at all these dogs, what’s going on? Is there a dog show going on tonight?”

A random girl sitting on a bench with her friends turns to her neighbor, “did he just call us dogs?


ok. so you had to be there.

But still. Those poor girls thought that a cute elderly man, who was just innocently walking slowly by, called them dogs. hee hee.

Anyway, off to work on those photos so i can share them soon!