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It’s the little things that make a difference… don’t ya think?

i mean… it’s when Husbuddy comes home with a handful of flowers and says, “it’s because I was just thinking about you and wanted you to know I love you”

Ok, so maybe that’s not that little. :) i guess that’s a pretty big gesture…he actually had to go to the store and think about what kind of flowers i’d like and then he had to get out his wallet and give up some cash…

Ok, so maybe a better example of a little thing is when he says, “go get some lotion, I’ll rub your feet for you.”

Or: “no, let me do the dishes, you’ve had long day”

Or: “we can watch that super girlie movie {insert chick-flick name here}if you want because I know how much you want to see it…”

Awe. Thanks sweetie! Such a little thing but it makes me feel loved.


But what if he did all of these things out of  a sense of duty?

i mean, can you imagine if he said, “oh, well I’m only rubbing your feet because i have to.”

Or “I just know that I have to buy you flowers when it’s our anniversary. That’s what’s expected of me, so i just do what i have to do.”


Does that hurt or what?

i don’t think i’d want those flowers if he said that and  i definitely wouldn’t let him rub my feet.

He still did that same gesture. He still gave me something… but imagine if he did it all because of some kind of requirement? Can you imagine how hurt you’d be if your significant other did that?

Or a best friend? {i mean, how long would that friendship last, seriously?}


Other little things that make a big difference::

It’s when a friend sends you an email when they know you’ve had a tough week at work, just to say that they’re thinking of you and love you.

It’s when you open your mail box and you get a letter from your sister so far away and she just says,”I was thinking of you”

It’s when your mom leaves a voicemail for you telling you that she’s been praying for you this week…{so you burst into tears because you know that that has been what has helped you make it through}


You know, the little things are also in the REAL things.

It’s out of a sense of being real with you that your husband brings you flowers because he truthfully thought about you in a loving way that really makes a difference for your heart.

It’s about those real conversations with your best friend where you truly meet heart to heart. When she’s really listening with her heart and not just her ears.

It’s about really meaning it when you offer to bring your friend a cup of coffee while she’s at home nursing her little newborn cutiepatootie.

It’s about a pastor(or anyone) really knowing your name and asking about your life… and really, honestly wanting to know.


But we’ve all been on the other side of that, when we know they didn’t really mean it.

i mean, haven’t we all been there?

When they asked you how you are doing and then turned their head when something else caught their eye so they didn’t even hear you say how hard of a day it’s been.

When you’ve looked someone straight in the face and asked them a question and they don’t answer because they are not even there.

When you send a heartfelt email and don’t get a single response so it makes you wonder if they’ve even read your words.

When you have a party and invite all of your friends and not a single person RSVP’s or even comes.

i think my biggest pet peeve  is people who are fake. How hurtful it is to everyone when someone is fake? It just makes my skin crawl to think about how much it bugs me! But maybe, why it’s my biggest pet peeve, is that i know that i’m guilty of it. i hate myself when i realize it. Those times when i should have listened better. Paid attention when my husbuddy asked me a question. Respond to that email out of love instead of ignoring it when i don’t know what to say…

We’ve all been there.


So let’s take this another level.

For some reason it has been on my heart lately. There was this burning question in the back of my mind:

Am i being fake WITH GOD?  Are you?

Hear me out before you go off and do your own thing. Think about these questions. i mean seriously, be real guys.

  • Are you loving  God from a sense of Duty?
  • Do you go to worship every Sunday because you have to? Because it’s the right thing to do? Out of habit?
  • Do you read your bible every morning in a rush just to get it checked off the list of things you have to do before you run out the door?
  • Do you sing at church to God, just following the words and not really listening to or meaning the words?

i think i just answered yes,-i have done that at least once(in the last month!)- to most, if not all, of those questions.

This is why the little things matter. This is why it has been on my heart. i’ve realized that when i go to God out of a sense of Duty, i do the exact same thing as if my husband bought me flowers because he had to.  i‘m being fake.

How do you think that makes God feel? Not very loved. i don’t know about you, but that makes me all squirmy and dislike myself very very much. i hate feeling fake. How can i be fake when that’s the very thing that bothers me so much in others?

Thankfully, when we realize our mistakes our God is a forgiving God. It is not something that he does easily or lightly. He died on the cross to forgive me for my fake heart.  When i go to Him he forgives me and heals me. But it doesn’t mean i can keep being fake…it means i have to take to heart what i’ve learned…

So, my friends, just think about it. Are you being real? In the little things? In your relationships? In all of them? Even your relationship with GOD?

with peace and hope that we can all be more real,

xo-kimberly renee

ps-thanks for putting up with my rambling and making it to the end of this post!! leave some love and tell me what you think about the little things that mean the most to you! or anything else that’s on your heart! i’d love to hear that i’m not alone here ;) xoxo