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i mean, who doesn’t love house tours?

Here are a couple of “sweet finds” if you will, of some blogger house tours that i’ve been saving a drooling over. Go ahead, you can drool too. I give you permission:

{click on the pictures to get to the blog}

Marcus Design always has some really pretty house tours. This week’s:

{image via Marcus Design}

Brooke Giantti always impresses me:

0452_2{image via Velvet and Linen}

Or one of the many houses the YHL crashes:

{image via Young House Love}

sigh. some pretty houses, no? if you were here, i’d take you to one of our houses that is just finishing up. It doesn’t have any of the pretty furniture in it yet, but you can imagine. O man is it Gorrrgeous! :) {say that while rolling the rrr’s :) hee hee.}

 the photo below is during construction::

see? you know you want to come visit…