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so i had a little project last weekend that i have been meaning to do for months and months

see that stool on the left?

we found it in a trash can.

we found both of them in a trash can, outside of an unnamed house, we got out of the car, threw them into the trunk and feeling sneaky and giggly drove away all the while hoping that the careless owners didn’t notice that we stole from their trash cans… they were just going into the dump right? :)

so this past weekend it was my goal to re-upholster these guys.

i was inspired by a bunch of people explaining how to do it through their blogs(through pinterest!)::

HERE and HERE {they explain “how to” do it. so i’m not even going to try.

i was lucky just to get those things put back together.

they actually seem like they must have once been pretty nice stools! “made in italy” sticker makes me imagine that they were once really expensive or something… but the leather was falling apart… so i bought some pretty fabric from this etsy store…and went to town.

then i decided that i needed some ruffles…

my goal was to make ruffles like these: click HERE to see the most beautiful ruffly stools!

but alas… i did not have enough of the right fabric and was itching to get the project done so i just made little cute ruffles…

and i just tacked the ruffles on in case i didn’t like them in the future… they would be easy peasy to change out. :)

they make me happy when i look at them!

those cute ruffly things :)

hard work + a staple gun = happy little stools!

now i’m inspired to do some other fun little weekend projects…

how about you? did you do anything fun over the weekend?