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you know, i never really realized what “photo op” means until just now. :-p silly me.

we had this photo opportunity the other day to take some pictures for our friends! It was our friend’s anniversary so they were going out on the town {for the first time!} and leaving the sweet little one with grandma and grandpa(it also happened to be their anniversary!) to babysit. They asked if we could take a couple of pictures with their camera with the whole family there together… so husbuddy took pictures with their camera(hope they turned out ok!) and i took pictures with mine. :) we had so much fun! They have such a beautiful family!

Here are some of my favorites::

LOVE the smile I got on my friend Sarah! the cute little dude did not think it was the right time to smile and wanted to tell us how he felt about being outside and standing around :)

and i love the ones i got with grandpa… the sweet little man was enamored by the trees and being in grandpa’s arms::

sigh. :)

Happy Anniversary to everyone in this family! :)

xo-kimberly renee

{can you tell from the pictures that it was like 95 degrees out?!!}