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i’m in one of those moods again… watch out.

  • good afternoon summer heat. it’s so nice to see you again.{yes. i’m being sarcastic and sticking to it :-p}
  • i’m sorry to break it to you, Jersey, but there IS a difference between hot/humid and hot/dry.  i prefer the hot/dry existence and will hold to that until you prove otherwise that your summer is better. the only way it could be better is if i made it to the shore at least once a week. {i mean, colorado’s hot and dry can’t give me a beach to go to…} but alas, it has YET to happen…
  • o husbuddy!!! yoohoo! you don’t need to study your Latin this weekend… :)
  • Check out this blog post:: HERE all about the big I and the little i.  Can i get an Amen?
  • on a side note:: eating baby carrots is always an adventure… i mean, you never know what you’re going to get-there are all sorts of shapes of carrots that you could pull out of the bag… for example… I just pulled out one that is longer than my hand and twisty like a… i don’t know… a twisted piece of candy …or something like that. one time i pulled out one that looked like a frog.
  • no joke.
  • all my friends around here are having babies… because of this i feel like i’m nesting for them, always checking out nursery pictures, looking for good sales on diapers, finding cute little onesies and talking really high in a cutsy voice… what is wrong with me? haha. check out this amazing  nursery HERE:

    via Holly Matheous

  • it’s amazing-no? why heellllooo high ceiling! Although the mirrors above the changing table look a little bit dangerous if you ask me…
  • via Pinterest

  • frozen banana bites! it’s like you’re in southern California! amazing! recipe HERE. although, i’m not the biggest fan of coconut so last week when i made them, i added sprinkles. genius. :) yes, i just called myself a genius. what are you going to do about it?
  • i only wish that i’d had the forsight last night to have made some for tonight… man o man, what was i thinking? {read that with a dirks’ bently voice}
  • my next DYI::  fabric button bobby pins! ON it. :) check it out HERE so cute! it makes me wish i had a little girl to make them for:) {don’t worry mom, i won’t have a baby just because of my desire to dress her up with little bobby pins in her cute little curls…}
  •  good thing all of my friends have had baby boys… otherwise they’d be hiding those cute little girls from me!

    via Pinterest

    well, that’s enough from me.

    how are you?!

    no seriously. that’s a question. usually when someone asks you a question you answer. it’s just the polite thing to do.

    :) ha. sorry. being ornery again.

    but really,  i’d love to hear! How are you?!

    thanks for being my friends and putting up with all of my randomness. o, you’re so good to me, blogland friends :)

    xo-kimberly renee.