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Happy Day CARDS!

Based on the popularity of this post HERE and a personal request from a dear friend, I decided to put some of my favorite little sketched cards up for sale.

I love the cute handmade flavor and the original sketch.

Don’t tell anyone, but I used Anthropology wallpaper… remember where I talked about ordering some of those free samples here? Ya, well, now i’ve gone and torn them up and used them to make some pretty cards. {please note, i had at least some intention of using the wall paper samples to choose a pretty wallpaper for our walls or a canvas! don’t hate me!} I also used silly little paper doilies, some vintage music, stamped lettering and then I stitched it all up nice and pretty!

Anyway, I’ve been busy this week working on these!

New cards available in my Etsy Shop::

Sure to make just about anyone’s day HAPPY!
Homemade cards made from paper, vintage music, anthropology wallpaper and little pieces of doilies. A sketch of a cute little girl is added with stamped lettering. The piece is finished up with pretty stitching and little pieces of cuteness.
Listing is for 2 cards: 1 yellow and 1 pink as well as 2 envelopes.
All cards are made with love.

To see more, go check out my Etsy Shop. :)