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After working 11 straight days I decided that I needed to paint this weekend.

There was a little someone who just needed to get out::

So, do you remember this little collage from way back when? Probably not. But it was the one I made for the last girls craft night at my house HEREWell, I pretty much hated it. But I knew that it was only a background and that I would use it to make something better…

So a couple weeks ago I saw this girl in an Anthropology magazine. I promptly tore out the image and glued it down over that stupid singing bird. ┬áDon’t you think this lady looks like Juliette waiting for her Romeo on a balcony? :) So pretty! Thank you Anthro! :)

And there it sat until I had a moment to catch my breath.

Friday I had some free time. I was dead tired from all that work, but I also just needed to be creative. So I went to town. :)I played with the background, keeping with the color scheme, because I actually liked the purples and yellows… and I started to paint over the pretty lady on the balcony.

While I was painting I was thinking about my sweet sister, Becca. I was thinking about life and faith and getting jobs after college and about the sunshine and about Colorado and about how much I miss her. Life lived away from family is so hard sometimes. I wish that I could be more involved in all of my family’s life! In her life! I wish we could just go for a walk together and talk about every day things…

Someday. But all those thoughts about her is why I think this little pretty turned out looking like her :)

Dearest beautiful sister, my prayer for you is that you have faith in God’s providence. HE WILL provide. Your faith will make you even more beautiful.

“…for we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corn. 5:7

Dearest, my prayer for you is that may you have faith. I believe your faith will carry you through every day, even when I’m not there to hold your hand.

“Daughter, your faith has made you well…” Mark 5:34