You are currently browsing the daily archive for May 20, 2011.

  • I have to warn you about something.
  • I’m tired &I have nothing much to say…
  • well, maybe I have a few random things wandering around my little mind.
  • Sweet find: yet again. TOTALLY in LOVE with this bedroom.  seriously. people. check IT out. it’s so beautiful and i can’t stop drooling. seriously.
  • do you think the our apartments will allow ME to staple chicken wire to the walls? just wondering… {if you’re confused click on the link above}
  • finding chicken wire is on my to-do list this weekend!
  • my friend who made those crossword puzzle pillows was a featured seller on Etsy! whoop! Good job Becky!
  • It’s good to have the right attitude, thanks Einstein. :) You’re so smart.
  • Is anyone else tired of all this rain? it’s been raining ALL week!
  •  Last week a couple of dear old friends {and 1 new friend! can you guess which one?}came to visit! It totally made my week!! eek!

  • Who has found out Pinterest? I just found it and I’ve totally fallen in love! it’s an awesome way to keep track of all your favorite pictures online! This one below is my “color” board.  It’s way too much fun and YET another way to waste too much time

  • So, if you have a Pinterest account you need to connect with me so I can follow all of your inspirational pictures! :)
  • Can I just say: TGIF! o my goodness, this week has been so long. and I’m just SO thankful for a weekend. for rest. for sleeping in. for cleaning house and doing lots of random nothingness. SO Thankful.
  • Now that I’ve completly wasted everyone’s time, please don’t let me waste any more. thanks for putting up with me :)
have a wonderfully random weekend, friends! xo-kimberly renee.