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My title in life at the moment is: AIT.

Architect In Training.

Those letters are all around me. It’s at the end of my work emails. it’s on my business card. it’s on my linkedin profile. Some days I’m not sure I deserve what those letters mean. And some days I’m not sure I want them…

Well, today, was one of the few days that i felt like i really was what those letters said.  It actually felt, just a little bit true.

probably mostly because this was pointed out to me:

hee hee. they have my number right there on the job site if they need a burning question answered. :-p

in honor of feeling a little bit like an architect today i thought i’d share a little bit of a project:

Let’s go on a job site tour, shall we?

So there’s a sweet little project going on right around the corner from our office. We’ve been checking in and taking pictures of the process. I thought you might like to join in on the excitement around here!

this project is really just very sweet, dontcha think?  it’s a master bedroom suite. it’s going to be beautiful.

dear Friends! Thanks for coming on my little project tour with me!

love, your architect in training.