• we’re having a busy weekend of exploring and fun times with my in-laws. it’s so wonderful to have family around for Easter!
  • i took them for a little house tour of a project from work:  {so. much. fun! and also really hard not to covet…}

  • a confession: i may have requested multiple swatches of anthropogie wallpaper and fabric swatches from HERE(click on wallpaper swatches). for free! {i may have done it more than once… you never know when a little wall paper swatch will come in handy for some project!}
  • my obsession right now is finding the right fabric to cover my dining room chairs in… i like this set a lot!
  • another confession: i’ve been listening to Irish Jig music when i’m in the need to ignore words and need something upbeat… :) o my goodness i’m a dork. but sometime’s it’s just right for the mood. Take my word for it and try the pandora station for High Kings Road.
  • my husbuddy preached last night at the good friday service! check it out HERE! I’m SO proud of you sweetie!
  • i just received a new camera lens! a hand-me-down from my sweetest grandma Phyl. I can’t wait to get better at using it. We may have had a little fun playing with it yesterday…

hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend friends!

xo-kimberly renee