yes. that’s right.

i just posted a picture of my puppy’s bowl.

o my goodness.

i’ve reached a whole new low.

sorry folks. the picture is not even of my dog. but his food bowl.

i’m justifying myself though: i used the picture to show you a little secret.

some of my friends have mentioned to me that photoshop is hard… that it’s confusing… that it takes a while to figure out…

well friends,

there’s the sweetest little photo editing program called: picnik. go to and upload a photo and start playing! it’s a lot easier than photoshop, and it’s definitly a fun place to stop on the way to learning how to edit/play with your photos!

there are some things, like a tool called “mascara” that are in the “premium” features that you have to pay for, but most of the good stuff is FREE!

First you upload your photo:

under the “edit” tab here you can crop, rotate, fix the exposure and fix the colors.

one of my favorite things to do is to click on the colors tab and it brings you here:

if you then click on the “neutral picker” button you can click on a color in the picture and it will make that the “neutral” color in the picture! it’s very fun to play with! and of course, just experiment! play with those little toggles and tabs, do whatever you want! you can ALWAYS undo (on the top right!)

Then click on the “create” tab.

this is where you can add text

or effects or stickers or frames… and  you can layer a million things on top of each other. So go check it out and start editing some photos! it’s so cool! and SO very fun!

you can pretty much waste your entire night on this sweet little website.

so there ya go, i shared yet another way to waste your time on the internet. because we ALL need that:-p

o you of little faith… you weren’t sure i could pull this little post off… and it all started because i was so inspired by my dog’s bowl this evening.

;) hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee

**p.s** this post is not affiliated/paid for/advertisement for or with picnik in anyway. the people at picnik don’t know me from suzy of whooville. so not to worry… i’m not tricking you into anything…