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in a pretty lame  effort to be like the Pioneer Woman and her hotel room tours… i will share a few pictures of our hotel in NYC. (see the previous post for the outdoor shot and the front door!)

the lobby::

i was quite intrigued with the mirror on the ceiling and the light line cutting down the middle of the lobby. in the words of my little sister when she was in high school: “so, *like* totally cool. lol” {amy, i’m sure you appreciated the call out to your so -um-totally-cool days when you actually said L O L out loud… :)}

our cool/designy (is that a word?) entry door:: {the architect in me notes that each door had to be custom to have the room numbers attached like that… or i guess they could have come back after they put normal doors in and glued the numbers on… but still… the detail is a little overwhelming!}

inside the room there were a lot of mirrors to reflect the coolness factors:: modern modern modern. {notice the chair rail that went around the entire room that the magazine rack, side tables, headboard and couch cushions hung on… the hotel designer totally thought it through!!}

wood, white, black and lots of windows:: {yes- our shower had a window into the bedroom! totally cool! it also was rather awkward to take a shower in… i mean, husbuddy could watch me the entire time in the shower! not that i minded… that much... but it just made me super self conscious!}

the red tile in the bathroom was really fun (and cool of course):: {laying the tile vertical like that was very clever… good job hotel designer!}

the view from our floor to ceiling windows:: {granted… it would have been a little cooler if i’d taken this picture on a clear day so you could actually see everything… and it would have helped if we were up on the top floor instead of on the bottom one… but that’s not my fault! i promise!}

more of the view(the super cool HighLine):: {seriously! go click the link! it’s such a cool park!}

and the cool view again, looking straight down:: {those are husbuddy’s socks. not mine. just wanted to clarify}

husbuddy trying to act cool in our cool hotel room:: {i really liked the dark silhouette against the window…sorry that you really can’t see anything in this picture!}

we both gave doing the cool look a go, but… alas… utter fail… i am SO not cool:: HA!!

but this  nigthtime view is pretty amazing...{i’m  so over the word cool}::

thanks for putting up with me and my post about our totally cool hotel room. i am hereby not allowed to say that word again for a VERY long time. If ever again.


we headed to new york city on Easter for a couple of days.  it was so much fun! this is what i was surrounded by all weekend…aaahhh’s and oooo’s and wowww’s…

and this was our hotel… it took us a while to find the front door, but we should have realized that it was the bright yellow twirling door (it would have helped more if it had that arrow pointing at it…)

after we found the door to our hotel… and dropped off our bags…we spent a lot of time getting lost in our little corner of  The City…

taking in all the sites and smells of the Meat Packing district and Chelsea…

so many pretty things to see…it was so fun, and it had only been a couple hours! we still had so much more to see.
thanks for a fun trip Pam and Doug!! going through all these photos is taking so long! but i promise that i’ll share some more of the photos in the next few days.

chillin’ like a villian. i don’t know about you, but that’s what i wish i was doing! way to make me jealous puppy cakes! now that the picture of a day is over…i’ll be taking a little break!

  • we’re having a busy weekend of exploring and fun times with my in-laws. it’s so wonderful to have family around for Easter!
  • i took them for a little house tour of a project from work:  {so. much. fun! and also really hard not to covet…}

  • a confession: i may have requested multiple swatches of anthropogie wallpaper and fabric swatches from HERE(click on wallpaper swatches). for free! {i may have done it more than once… you never know when a little wall paper swatch will come in handy for some project!}
  • my obsession right now is finding the right fabric to cover my dining room chairs in… i like this set a lot!
  • another confession: i’ve been listening to Irish Jig music when i’m in the need to ignore words and need something upbeat… :) o my goodness i’m a dork. but sometime’s it’s just right for the mood. Take my word for it and try the pandora station for High Kings Road.
  • my husbuddy preached last night at the good friday service! check it out HERE! I’m SO proud of you sweetie!
  • i just received a new camera lens! a hand-me-down from my sweetest grandma Phyl. I can’t wait to get better at using it. We may have had a little fun playing with it yesterday…

hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend friends!

xo-kimberly renee

“…he breathed his last. and the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom.” Mark 15:37-38

paper delivery.

have you ever seen a piece of paper look so pretty? i love it when pretty things arrive in the mail!!

it was puppycake’s bath time tonight. gotta getcha squeaky clean mr. puppycakes! i thought i’d capture his little craziness to share… he starts off all dejected.

then he realizes that he’s the center of attention

and he’s OFF!

(this is when i missed him running around way too fast…)

then he decided to rearrange his bed.

i actually am really loving the movement blur! i know it’s not exactly professional… but it’s just too sweet to see how excited he is… and i love that with all the blur it’s like you can see they way all of his wet hair moving.i think this last one is my favorite!

hope that made you smile, friends! xoxo-kimberly renee

One of our favorite pasta dishes is one that i didn’t even learn in Italy.  We learned this recipe from my mother-in-law (so correct us, Pam, if I have this wrong!). It’s so easy and so yummy!


Bow tie pasta

Myzithra Cheese

Olive oil

pepper/salt to taste.


cook pasta to directions.

grate cheese- {for 2 people i grated about 1 cup or half of the cheese that i bought that you can see in the picture up there.}

When pasta is done, drain, put in a bowl, add a Tbsp or so of olive oil, and then add cheese and salt and pepper to taste!

done. so easy!

I think the reason I like this is because the cheese doesn’t really melt, but it covers all the pasta and gives it a very unique, savory flavor.  Seriously one of our favorites!

We were on our nightly walk this evening talking about what to have for dinner. This sounded so good that we had to go get the ingredients right away! :)

One more week of the Picture a day! When I first started this, I thought there were only 40 days between the beginning of Lent and Easter. But- it was made known to me {i guess i should have counted the days first!}that those 40 days don’t count Sundays, and since I took pictures on Sundays, I’ll have 46 pictures! Except I have to admit… i may have missed a day or two so far. Doh! this every day thing is really hard! But here’s to hanging on strong for the next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holy Week. Happy Palm Sunday!  Let me know if you make some of my mother-in-law’s Myzithra Pasta!