CHOP stands for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. That’s where I went this afternoon. One of my friends was going to go visit our friend, Sharon, who is currently living there because a precious little treasure. So, I asked if I could tag along :)

{hee hee. she’s going to kill me for putting that one up there… but her face is just too funny!}

We had a lovely afternoon trip. {It might have helped a little that the sun was shining and it had to be 70 degrees.}

We had crepes for lunch and a little walk in the sunshine. BEEaaaUUUtiFUL!

i HEART this girl. :) i’m so blessed by her friendship. i’ve really really really missed her while she’s been too busy {with good reason} in Philly. and really, doesn’t she look beautiful after just having a baby a couple weeks ago?? um yes. drop dead gorgeous.

there we go, that’s a better photo of both of us :) and look at how adorable she is with her little baby bump! thanks for the fun afternoon friend!!

Sharon and Sarah. You both amaze me. Let me tell you guys, these two women are amazing and beautiful and the sweetest in the world. They both have such a grace about them that makes me look up to them. they both are strong women who God is using every single day. i’m so lucky to have both of them as friends! thanks for being my friend, you guys! {ok, sorry, getting all mushy.}

so then i got a real treat…

i got to visit with the little miracle. if you want to check out his amazing story, go to their blog! it will make you cry and it will make you gasp at what God did. This little guy is a real life miracle. he wasn’t suppossed to be able to breathe when the breathing tubes came out… and yet… he did! God be glorified!

i felt like such a lucky girl to be able to hold him this afternoon! thanks SO much Sharon! :)

and this is the picture i picked for today. Husbuddy didn’t like that it was blurry. but i LOVE that it’s blurry. so there. we agree to disagree ;) i think  it feels dreamy.