I finished this painting this weekend. I couldn’t have explained it at the time, but it has huge significance to me today.

the voices of my past, voices of lies, voices of disbelief sometimes completely overwhelm me.

sometimes i find it’s hard to believe. to believe that anything good could happen in a situation. to believe that God could use my past. what i’ve done. what’s been done to me. what’s been done to the people i love.

then i remember one of my most favorite verses:

He says, Look. Look with you’re eyes wide open at everything that God has done. Wonder. Be amazed. Be filled with Awe. Our God is big. BIG. He’s reminding me that he’s bigger than all of the things that amaze us.

Then  i remember that God’s in control. HE PROMISES that HE is working. That he is doing a work in my days {in OUR days} that we would not believe even if he’d told us he was going to do it!  He’s bigger than anything and everything that we face.

and all we have to do is