i’m taking an online art class from Misty Mawn! check it out HERE.  it was such a sweet gift from my sweet mother-in-law, Pam. :) thanks Pam! it’s going to be SO much fun and i’m sure you’ll see bits and parts of it as i share what i learn. this is my first assignment for the class.

a poem:

i come from a blessed place. this i know without a doubt.

i come from a place on the edge of mountains;

where the sun warms your very soul.

i come from a blessed house.

i come from a home full of love and laughter;

where i knew i belonged.

i come from a blessed family.

i come from childhood of joy and innocence;

where peace was found in a corner with a good book.

i come from a blessedly adventurous life.

i come from an adolescence of exploration;

where the glory of God overwhelmed me with His love.

i come from a blessed imagination.

i come from a hardworking, stubborn girl;

who won’t give up even when it seems hopeless.

i come from a blessed love.

i come from a marriage filled to the brim;

with love, hope, trust and friendship.

i come, knowing i’m truly blessed.

i come here with open hands;

waiting, just waiting, for the next blessing that i don’t deserve.

{please note. i know that i am not good at this, i am not a poet in any sense and that this is hardly anything. i just wanted to do it because it was a suggested assignment for the class. thanks for bearing with me.}