This is the last part of last friday. I promise. :) Gotta show ya photos of the shore! It was so pretty!

We just had time for a quick walk to the lighthouse and beach. I love the shore. It’s so beautiful. Then we had to hurry to catch the plane so that we could fly up along the coast line at sunset… all part of the plan people ;) ha. no. not really, I just got lucky.

{um. a completly goofy photograph of me. gross!}

whoop! the back seat looking so hip with our headphones on.

Cape May point and the lighthouse from above!

look! you can barely see the moon!

had to just let the pictures speak for themselves. Notice the pretty reflection from the moon on the water above :) Such a beautiful way to get home.

Thanks for tagging along on my fun day for a little bit! After this I’m even going to have a harder time being content with sitting in front of a computer all day… :-p can we say spoiled?! um. Yes. I know. I’ve been totally spoiled.  I promise I’ll stop bragging now. :-p

xoxo-kimberly renee