ok. maybe not #6842750.

but close. i just think i lost count after i couldn’t count on my fingers any more.

check out this blog. “Catalog Living” .

pretty funny, no?!

 especially since it’s making fun of all those catelogs, such as pottery barn and restoration hardware, that we ALL admire and covet and aspire to… 

(yes i said, we all. admit it-don’t be prissy and better-than-thou—> you do it too. and really, it’s not yours or my fault. it’s society’s fault that we covet and want what looks so pretty. whenever in doubt, blame it on society. my logic makes sense right? when we’re out of money and we splurge on the credit card for something we “have to have” we just blame it on society right? and when we diet and barf our guts out because we have to look a certian way we blame it on society right? have i taken this way too off track? yup. doh!)

so any way. back to the new blog I found from a friend on facebook (don’tcha just love all the random stuff you find on facebook?) it’s a comedian who jokes about the images from those cateloges. 

go ahead. check it out. CATALOG LIVING