ok. let’s get one thing straight. so i LOVE free giveaways.

for some reason, i always think that i’ll be the one who wins. :) don’t we all? ha.

why is it that i never do win though? just wondering. isn’t it weird how some how, some way, someone else is always the lucky one? well, it doesn’t bother me. it takes two seconds to usually get in on those free give-aways and i just might… JUST MIGHT. win this time. :)

i guess i’m a simpleton like that. my husbuddy always makes fun of me for wasting me time. but really people… tell me how much time i’ve wasted. um…maybe two minutes? but what if i won? Would he say that i wasted my time then? no sirree. he’d be wanting in on some of the dough. or cookies. or pillow. or notecards. …

well…. ta da!

HERE IS A SWEET GIVEAWAY! it’s for those really cool art notebooks that i told you about here. go check it out.  leave a comment. maybe you’ll be the one who wins this time. :)

now, let’s get another thing straight.

yes, Pamela Holderman is my mother in law. :)

Yes. I love her dearly because we can laugh and talk and make art together. 

 Yes. i LoVE her artwork. Have you seen this piece? amazing.

And YES. I want to help her out by sending you to her site! so be a nice person. go enter into her giveaway. or go buy something for that one someone on your Christmas list… (um. seriously people. it’s already October and you don’t have your Christmas shopping done? mine was done like months ago… ok. maybe not. i just wish it was :-p)

and finally… for all those people out there who think i’m being a little ornery in this post…

well,  you’re right.