last weekend was our second “girls craft night”! it was such a blast. since it was at my place this time i felt like it was ok to document our fun. I barely had time though because we were just having so much fun making flowers! :)

as you can see we made a mess.

 but it was so much fun! there were 3 different types of flowers we made.  now we’re set for decorating our sweaters, pea coats, purses and baby hats :) (when we have babies)

there were necklaces and headbands made as well.

flower overload. :)

i just have to say, i’m SO thankful for each of these dear friends!

you are all so beautiful and your hearts just shine with the love of Christ. I thank God for each of you!

Abby was just having too much fun. i love that i captured this smile!

i know you’re going to be totally embarrassed that i put this picture on here, but you are too darn cute not to, Jenna!

Charley was AMAZING at picking up how to make all of the different flowers-she’s a pro. How cute is she?

Amanda made the cutest little flowers. She is adorable!

sharon just couldn’t get enough so she’s coming over tonight to make some more! :) hee hee! yay!

girls night has been such a blessing in my life. i love that we have a dedicated time once a month to hang out even if we’re too busy the rest of the month. and i love that we get some quality girl time, while the guys go study or sit by the bonfire and talk theology without us (seriously-a girl can only take so much of that) :)

here’s to girls night and flower pins. :)