10 things we did for our 4th anniversary:

1. went to NYC for a date!

 how cool is that to live close enough to go up for an afternoon & evening?! :)


2. went to the top of the Empire State Building.

What a rush!

3. took too many pictures of all the tiny little buildings from the top of the Empire State building.


4. thought it was funny to take a picture of a mirror on the top of the ESB with us and nyc in the background.

 obviously it didn’t turn out as we hoped… it’s a cute pic though :p

4. explored Greenwich Village.

5. took too many pictures of the cool buildings while people bumped into us and yelled at us to get out the way and stop being stupid tourists.

6. oooo-ed and awww-ed at the pretty stair ways and door ways.

 btw. just kidding about getting yelled at.




 it was kind of hard to tell with all the honking going on…


7. went to ABC home store. o my goodness gracious. such a cool store!

we could have spent all day here oogl-ing and awgl-ing at everything…  and at that railing :)   

8. explored Washington Park  in the village. :) very cool little farmers market going on. and lots of people sitting around and people watching…

we joined in a little bit.  


9. check out cool architecture. look at the top of that hsbc building! :)

10. order a root beer or a coke at a restaurant and get a scowl and to be told that they don’t serve that kind of riff-raff-taffy here. this place is too high class… 

  :) jk



 10. a romantic dinner to celebrate 4 years. We went to Gusto Restaurant- based on a reccomendation from a friend.  

it was very good!  

but we still couldn’t order that coke.  

love ya babe! :)  it was such a fun date!


ps. i would like to appologize if anyone was bothered or annoyed at the making of this post because i’m trying to figure out how to use FLICKR. if you got more than one message saying i made multiple posts, please forgive me. 

pss. apparently i’m also having technical difficulties with my font. please excuse. 

psss. if anyone knows how to use flickr in a manner that is HELPFUL. please inform. can you upload more than one photo at a time? what good does it do at saving space if you can’t? can you do a slideshow on a blog? what is the freakin point of flickr? 

i’d just like to know all the answers to these deep questions some day. 

over and out.